7 Fashion Tips to Look Effortlessly Cool every season

7 Fashion Tips to Look Effortlessly Cool every season

The good news is that everyone can look effortlessly cool! Try these simple fashion tips to stay stunning every season. Guest post by Alycia Gordan via your best fashion blogger friend Valeria Arizzi.

7 Fashion Tips to Look Effortlessly Cool

Ever wonder how some people look so naturally good, so well put together? Light fabric, perfect silhouettes, and some extra SPF are all contributing factors of course. But there’s something more too! We’ll reveal to you some easy tricks to look great all the time.

Some people think that to look cool they have to follow all fashion trends. However, the reality is that fashion is not at all about trying everything you see the models wearing on-ramp. Not everything that’s “in,” will necessarily look good on you.

Cool is classy, trendy and highly-personalized. It can be boho chic or elegant and sophisticated. The elegant yet casual look is all that you need to feel fashionable. You should understand what your style is, what goes well with your personality as well as body type. No matter what you wear, if you carry that with grace and poise, you can do wonders. Try these simple seven tips to stay stunning every season!

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Forget everything you know about trends

Yes! You heard it right. Fashion is all about what looks good on you; this means that you have to hand-picked the items that suit you. If a pair of baggy pants makes your friend look chic, it doesn’t mean that it would also do wonders for you. Make smart choices as far as your clothing is concerned. Try to find a clothes that look like they are tailored just for you!

Accessorize for maximum impact

Accessories are an essential part of any stylish wardrobe. You have to be careful about what you choose. Statement jewelry is something that never goes out of fashion. However, do not go for too many pieces at a time, because that would look a little too much.

In the summer, sunglasses can never look unnecessary. Match up your favorites pair of sunnies with a front-back earring or a flashy choker, and you are ready to rock the world.

Dress for your physique

A good body is always a plus. There is no question that a physically fit person will look good in anything they wear. But that’s not the point. What really matters is finding the outfit that most compliments your body type. If you try out different types of clothing, you will be able to dig out the best options for yourself. With a suitable dress, you can avoid attention on your problems areas and flaunt your favorite features. Feeling comfortable and confident will make you look effortlessly cool.

Ditch the heels for flats

There is no denying the fact that high heels make a massive statement for you, but flats or causal pumps look naturally chic. A pair of sexy denim shoes will look good with almost anything you choose to wear. The creeper will elevate your personality and will prove to be a game-changer as far as your over-all attire is concerned.

Leather is always in

What never goes out-of-fashion is your very own quality leather jacket. Everyone absolutely must own a genuine leather jacket. You never know when it can help, in case of a style emergency. You can follow your heart here by choosing among suede, Chamois, faux, veg-tanned or rough-out leather. There are so many ways to rock leather, and it looks good on almost every occasion. No matter what season it may be, the leather jacket is ideal for every season.

Roll-up your sleeves

Rolled-up shirt sleeves mean that you mean business, you are here to work, you’ll get down and dirty, and there is no shame in that! However, this has also become a style statement these days. Undo the buttons on the cuff and bare your arms to show your casual attitude. You can push them up on your sweater or blazer as well. Enhance your style factor significantly!

Less is always more

The fact is that you define your style. If you want to look effortlessly like a diva, you have to play the fashion game on your terms. Most fashion gurus are found wearing bespoke on vintage items. Try this trick, and you’ll see that what looks best on you is the DIY items that you make for yourself or what you randomly pick up from vintage clothing shops.

What we call minimalistic fashion is something every designer and fashion expert is rooting for this moment. The basic strategy is to keep things simple. Experiment with your old stuff and find a way to look different every time. Convert a boring tee by tucking it half or full. Pick unique colors, let’s say cobalt blue?

People think causal means a black and white combination, but there is much more to that. Play around with hues of blue, prints, textures and patterns. Say “No” to a dull look by injecting the element of surprise into your everyday wardrobe.

The Last Word

Your confidence speaks louder than your clothes. If you feel sorted and comfortable within your skin, whatever you pick will look effortlessly cool.

Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and Erin Wasson are famous for the relaxed looks that come naturally to them. The secret ingredient to their cool-look recipe is their carefree attitude towards others and life. They aren’t afraid of trying new things. Their spontaneity defines their fashion sense, and that’s what makes them look naturally awesome.

The good news is that everyone can look effortlessly good. Just let your persona shine through your wardrobe and dazzle the world with your brand of awesomeness!

About guest author Alycia Gordan

Find out more about freelance writer Alycia Gordan on Twitter @meetalycia. Alycia’s articles focus on lifestyle, fitness and healthcare technology. It was a pleasure featuring her content on Coco et La vie en rose international fashion blog.

Thank you for being here lovelies! See you on Monday with a brand new outfit post! Love, Valeria

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