A Glossy complexion

A Glossy complexion

Hello dears!

Today I’d like to share with you two awesome beauty products I received from Glossybox**

KRYOLAN SATIN POWDER is a multitasking impalpable powder: used as an eyeshadow – under your eyebrows and in the inner corner of the eye – illuminates and magnifies. Gently brushed in the upper part of your cheekbones up to the temples, it provides a healthy glowing blush which works awesomely on tired sleep-deprived features. Mix just a tiny bit to your face cream or body lotion, and you will get that just-come-back-from-vacation complexion that it’s hard to reproduce otherwise.
In a few words, I LOVE IT.

ZOEVA EYE CRAYON is a remarkable product as well: I like using it in my inner lower eyelids to underline my eye colour, but it can be used also as a water-proof eyeshadow.

I couldn’t have wished for a better combination of colours, though I would like to try them both in bolder tones too.

Now tell me, which make up products do you use to SHINE OUT?

**For those of you who don’t know Glossybox:
Subscribing to Glossybox you get on a monthly basis five high-end beauty products. As a general rule, four of them are travel-sized, one is full sized. In my opinion it is very convenient, because the overall value of the box always exceeds the monthly rate (approx 21$ – depending on the nation), plus reviewing the products through a simple online form you get 2 free boxes out of 12.
What I cherish the most about it is the sense of anticipation I experience when the box delivery date gets close and the Christmas-morning excitement I enjoy from opening it.
Though you cannot choose which products you will get, filling in your beauty profile online helps the Glossyteam decide which textures/colours/treatments most suit your needs.

I’m working to get a few discount codes for new subscriptions in the US and in Europe: let’s see if reading your comments my reference contacts will make up their mind!! 😉

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