Just…let go!

Just…let go!

Hello dears!

Today I had another nice trip to the mountains with my family.
After a 2 hours’ walk on a steep path I felt exhausted, but at the same time calm and clear-minded.

This got me thinking: every now and then you need to do something to shake off all the emotions you keep backing up in your mind.

My advice is:
– sweat them out, with a hard physical workout!
– breathe them out, using meditation techniques!
– cry them out, watching a romantic movie!
– sing them out, listening to a song with touches your heart!
– laugh them out, doing something childishly playful!

How do YOU let go?

I wish you a great start to the week ahead 

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  1. Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) - August 20, 2012

    hey coco! they always say exercise is a good stress reliever. i know i always felt better after a good workout. i kind of fell off the bandwagon a couple of months ago, but plan on restarting in September. So good for you! I know why you didn't see those kits at Benefit!!! Right now they're only selling them at Sephora. Isn't that crazy? On Benefit's website it says COMING SOON.

  2. Kimberly - August 20, 2012

    I let go by walking. Just came back from one. I feel so much better mentally and physically,

  3. Real College Student of Atlanta - August 21, 2012

    definitely by going to the spa/nail/hair salon and just having ME time! <3

  4. joanne hegarty - August 21, 2012

    Great advice Coco – I&#39;m a big fan of sweating it out too.<br /><br />Hope you are enjoying your time with your family.<br /><br />Joanne<br /><br />http://www.balletpumpsandroses.com<br />x

  5. Diana Marks - August 21, 2012

    great advice. I think I use all 5 from time to time ;)<br /><br /><br /><a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3733110/la-by-diana-live-magazine&quot; rel="nofollow">LA By Diana Live Magazine</a>

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