That’s what friends are for…

That’s what friends are for…

“Let us also dare to give advice freely; for in friendship the authority of friends who give good counsel may be of the greatest value. Let admonition be administered, too, not only in plain terms, but even with severity, if need be, and let heed be given to such admonition. ” Marcus Tullius Cicero

Hello dears,
Today I was feeling blue and thinking about friendship.

I’ve been seeing a few moms of my daughter’s little friends getting divorced over a crush for another man.
I’ve been hearing their respective “best friends” encouraging them to “live their lives”, to go out and party till dawn.
I’ve been feeling sorry for them and for their children.

Twenty years ago I was one of those children, and I used to think, and still do, that sometimes “bad friends” are decisive to talk a frail woman into taking the wrong path.

What do you think are a good friend’s duties?

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  1. Diana Marks - July 25, 2012

    It's very hard to talk about this topic. There are so many factors that come in place. A good friend, I think, should encourage to do what is best for their friend in need. However, we can't always support social values, that clearly are teaching us that leaving your family for someone else is wrong. What about personal values? And personal lives? We can't always live according to

  2. Coco - July 25, 2012

    Dear Diana, thank you for your insight.I totally agree on the fact that a child is likely to be happier with two separate happy parents than in a unhappy family.<br />What I was questioning is the good faith of some of these friends, who seem too eager to have their party-pal back like old times.What if that night when this mom was so vulnerable, her friend had kept her from giving in too quickly

  3. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle - July 26, 2012

    I like your shirt&#39;s gorgeous design.

  4. Diana Marks - July 26, 2012

    I can&#39;t argue with you either, because you are right too 😉 It really is a complex topic…

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