An unexpected twist

Hello my cherry blossoms!

How was your day in a 1 to 10 scale?

Mine started off very badly. In fact, I had to deal with an unbearable amount of rudeness bestowed upon me by a higher-in-rank co-worker. I’m very sensitive to unmotivated mean behaviour, and even when I can get back to the mean person without consequences – this was not the case – in the end I choose not to, because honestly I would sound ridiculous as this is not like me. When I feel so hurt I think of my daughter , whose pictures and drawings brighten up my office, to remind myself what really matters.

Then I came home, and I was greeted by a promising gift pack displaying the logo of a prestigious brand.

I have expressed before my love for Nannini, and it looks like I am loved back after all 🙂

I am very happy with my new shopper, coming in a pastel greyish blue (magnolia) and a shimmery texture ideal for the Spring.
Do you think I could wait a second before styling it??

Thank you Nannini for this lovely surprise which made my day!  Shop here their fab SS2013 collection!

Keep cool!!
With love,

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  1. lu beautylove - Marzo 21, 2013

    …bellissimo regalo…carinissima questa borsina!!!<br />…ciaooo…lu!!!

  2. Lilli - Marzo 21, 2013

    Ciao Coco! E&#39; bellissima! Mi piace molto il colore, perfetto per la primavera! Molto carino anche l&#39;intero look! Un bacio e buona serata cara!:*

  3. Dressed with soul - Marzo 21, 2013

    Dearest Coco, so sorry about your bad experience at your work today 🙁 I believe always that rude persons have a problem with their own personality and I try it not to take personal by meyself. And I´m sure you earn always only the best treatment because for me there is no doubt that you´re an absolutely sweet, polite and nice woman. The actual super-awesome pic of you is a proof for my meaning

  4. Fashion Pad - Marzo 21, 2013

    I&#39;m so glad your response to that unnecessary rudeness was super professional. Some people!!!! Anyhew, love the new tote hunni!

  5. Fabiola Tinelli - Marzo 21, 2013

    Belle le borse Nannini, molto carina la tua!! Ti seguo anche su FB adesso, spero ricambierai!Baci<br />Fabiola<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">wildflowergirl</a>

  6. My Urban Market - Marzo 21, 2013

    Una bella borsa riesce sempre a risollevare il morale. Bello il modello e bellissimo il colore.<br />Un bacio.<br /><br />Valeria.<br />

  7. Viktoria Dimitrova - Marzo 21, 2013

    hey dear, would you maybe like to follow each other? <br /><br />x viktoria<br /><br />

  8. C. Pepe - Marzo 21, 2013

    La tonalità è deliziosa 🙂 C, xoxo.<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">LePetitMondeDeC</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">BlogLovin</a><br />

  9. Sam - Marzo 21, 2013

    Hi sweety, sorry your day started off badly, but at least you presented with this elegant bag. You look so chic and polished in your grey ensemble.

  10. Kate Coleman - Marzo 21, 2013

    Sorry to hear you had a bad day at the office – but you look absolutely fab with that gorgeous bag.<br /><br />Hope tomorrow is a better day.<br /><br />Kate x<br /><br /><br /><br />

  11. Anna - Marzo 21, 2013

    cute bag, love the color!<br /><br />xoxo

  12. Vale ♥ - Marzo 21, 2013

    Come ti capisco, io sono molto sensibile e spesso negli uffici non è una qualità che fa stare bene…! Io mi consolo con lo shopping, per stavolta almeno hai avuto un gradito regalo, mi piacere per te 🙂 Baci<br /><br />PS Su twitter possiamo sfogarci insieme se vuoi…io ci sono ;)<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Fashion and Cookies</a><br /><a href="http://

  13. Debra - Marzo 22, 2013

    Hey Coco! I was sad to hear you had a bad day. 🙁 My sweet friend should NEVER have a bad day. In a perfect world…But how exciting to receive your bag from Nannani! I&#39;m so happy for you. 🙂 I looked at a couple of their bags, but I really need to get to sleep. You know what I&#39;ll be dreaming of! Sweet dreams lovely. <br /><br />

  14. Kim Alston - Marzo 22, 2013

    I dislike mean people! You hang in there Coco! Nice people always get bombarded by ugly individuals. I LOVE your new bag. Great styling! I know it lift your spirits!

  15. The Dainty Dolls House - Marzo 22, 2013

    I&#39;m really happy you got a lovely surprise when you returned home doll. Mean people are terrible and I have no time for them. They make no difference in the world. You look beautiful and I&#39;m glad this came to lift you up &amp; of course your daughter does as well 😉 Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  16. Harija - Marzo 22, 2013

    i love the post =)<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">My Lyfe ; My Story</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">@MyLyfeMyStory </a>

  17. S - Marzo 22, 2013

    Carinissima quella borsa!<br />E carinissimo anche il tuo abitino!^^<br />Un bacio!<br />S<br /><br />

  18. yonosoyunaitgirl - Marzo 22, 2013

    Nice bag! XX

  19. Margaret Cruzemark - Marzo 22, 2013

    Lovely bag, but what i really like here is the girl that holds it. You look amazing Coco!!<br />Best Regards<br />Miss Margaret Cruzemark<br />

  20. Carolyna - Marzo 22, 2013

    my day – 6 ( I spent them in rush, morning pilates, later aerobic, later castings records ( hopefully well done and I get this movie part) , later cooked my dinner and now fianlly I have time to relax :-)<br />I love you bag- so stunning

  21. emi - Marzo 22, 2013

    i&#39;m sorry your day didn&#39;t start off so well, but glad you had a surprise to come home to! you are darling!<br />XO <br />

  22. Lucie Srbová - Marzo 22, 2013

    I am sorry for your bad start of a day. Anyway you look lovely!!! I really love your bag!<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Style Without Limits</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a><br />

  23. Diana Marks - Marzo 22, 2013

    This bag is lovely! I am sorry for your bad start of the day (<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">LA By Diana Live Magazine</a><br />

  24. Tiffy Diamond - Marzo 23, 2013

    People are mean sometimes. I&#39;m so happy that you were able to come home to a lovely gift. You deserve it! It looks great and a girl can never have too many handbags!<br /><br />xo<br />Tiffy<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">VOTE Tiffy (5 Stars) FOX Sports West Girl! xo</a>

  25. Mina Masotina - Marzo 23, 2013

    Bella, sembra molto pratica e comoda 🙂 ♥ Mina.<br />Il mio blog: <a href="; rel="nofollow">The Style Fever</a>. <br />Seguimi su: <a href="; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a> / <a href="; rel="nofollow">Bloglovin</a> / <a href="; rel="nofollow">Twitter</a> / <a href=

  26. Carole - Marzo 24, 2013

    Coco, as it happens my main go to handbag is a Nanninni that I got in JOhn Lewis in London several years ago. It is fantastically well designed and has lasted really well. Hope work is going better for you now. Cheers

  27. Princess Martha - Marzo 24, 2013

    Hey Coco,<br />I&#39;m so sorry to hear about the rude co-worker. I know how that can be and it&#39;s not that easy to overlook as we spend so many hours a day at work…but try to stay positive and believe that things will work. I&#39;m sending you a big hug from Miami ;)<br />By the way, I love the bag!!! Fabulously chic!!<br />XOXO

  28. Mery - Marzo 24, 2013

    Questo abitino con la borsa sono proprio adorabili…<br />ricambio con piacere i follower , su Bloglovin non mi trovi perchè non ho il profilo aperto… <br />Ti auguro una buona domenica un bacio

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