Why you should avoid washing your hair everyday (Slay for 3 days)

Why you should avoid washing your hair everyday (Slay for 3 days)

Get away with not washing your hair everyday and look fabulous in between shampoos. Healthy and good looking hair. 

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Why you should avoid washing your hair everyday and how to look fabulous in between shampoos

If you have thin straight hair you know the struggle. I’ve always felt the need of a daily shampoo for my hair to look clean and fluffy. But growing up I’ve become aware of the drawbacks of this habit. First of all, washing your hair every day will make your scalp greasy or greasier. Because hair follicles will produce more sebum to counter balance the withering effect of daily shampoos. Furthermore, your lengths will end up dry and dull. Not to mention your color will last less.

Celebrities against washing hair everyday 

According to many celebrities, to get healthy full-bodied hair you should avoid daily shampoos. For example Amanda Seyefried, who washes her hair only once a week. Not to mention Kim Kardashian (two), Jennifer Aniston and Cindy Crawford (three).

How to go 3 days without washing your hair

Now the question is how to get away with not washing your hair every day and look fabulous in between shampoos. Together with expert hairstylist Andrea Carissimi I have jotted down this simple guide.

Day 1:

Cleanse and condition your hair, then blow-dry them as usual. It’s very important you use high quality haircare products. Andrea recommends a professional line. That is Your Highness shampoo and conditioner from Catwalk by TIGI. Infused with lavender and sweet almond oil, they are ideal for deep cleansing the scalp while preserving hair color. As an alternative, try this cleansing volumizing paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts by Christophe Robin. It provides volume to the roots and body to the lengths.

Day 2:

If you learn to use dry shampoo, it will become your best friend. Not only it will keep your hair clean and soft for a couple of days. It is in fact ideal to build volume at the roots. By the way, Andrea has always used Transforming Dry Shampoo Catwalk by Tigi to achieve gorgeous hairstyles in the backstage of fashion shows. So here’s what you need to do on your second day after washing your hair. Spray a generous amount of dry shampoo on your scalp. Wait a few seconds, then massage your head with a clean towel. Don’t use a brush. Now your hair will be fluffy but need some styling. So use a curling iron and create soft waves just from mid-length. You will look effortlessly fabulous!

Day 3:

On day 3 brush your hair with your head upside down. Then tie them up in a high sleek ponytail. Just like Kim Kardashian. You won’t even need styling products for your hair to look glossy!

Now that you’ve gone 3 days without washing your hair, keep this healthy habit going! Remember to use high quality products to achieve the best results. You might as well reward yourself with a Mason Pearson brush. It’s the iconic brush mentioned in The Devil wears Prada, an amazing treat for your hair.

avoid washing your hair every day
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  1. Martina Elegant - Giugno 14, 2018

    Great article! I do it exactly this way. I don’t ever have any troubles ever.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Helena - Giugno 15, 2018

    The same for me §!
    I don t wash them every day!
    Good article, really interesting!

  3. Rachael Sia - Giugno 26, 2018

    oh wow this is so insightful!!! I wash my hair every 2 days but this is such a great interesting post i’ve learnt more about my hair! 🙂 x


  4. Kirsten Wendlandt - Giugno 26, 2018

    I’ll be honest, I used to be the kind of person who would wash my hair every day. Not only was it so bad for my hair but I wasted so much time doing my hair every day! I’ve gradually learned to stretch it out and now sometimes I go a week between washes LOL

    xox Kirsten // http://www.kirstenwendlandt.com

  5. LAFOTKA - Giugno 27, 2018

    I’ve still to become best friends with dry shampoo! I feel like my hair gets even flatter and it’s not a good look but agree against every day washes!

    Tatyana x

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