Breakfast at Makoo’s via Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog

Breakfast at Makoo’s via Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog

Breakfast at Makoo’s

Hello my loves, after hearing rumours from international fashion lovers about the launch of an innovative product by a young Italian brand, I visited Makoo website and tried to gather more information. If you want to skip my best attempt at explaining this wonder, go and watch their demo video. Otherwise….

Breakfast at Makoo’s
Do you remember that scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Fred (Paul) and Holly have their names embossed on a ring found in a peanuts’ bag? Well, I have always thought that was the most romantic gift ever. Until my husband drew himself a charm with our initials inside a heart and had it made for me. The thing is… no gift is more precious than the one bearing your loved one’s imprint.

Breakfast at Makoo’s
Now let’s get to the news: imagine you are looking on your screen at a plain band ring. Then you are asked to register a voice message using your phone/pc microphone: while you do that, you can actually see the sound waves produced by your voice molding the ring like a craftsman’s hands! Just for the record, after this magic you can personalise your jewel even further, choosing the material, the shape, the finish, and so on.  However, the mere idea that you can wear a ring whose surface has been forged by the voice of your special someone, and every time you look at it, only you know what it means, is to me appalling and moving.

Breakfast at Makoo’s

I also heard that there’s a way to listen to the original message providing a code embossed inside the finished ring, but I’m not familiar with the details of this step. Of course tonight I will show my husband the demo video: drawn by the state-of-the-art technology employed he might be temped to register a message…. from that to the shopping cart the distance is short 😉

A presto miei tesori. Grazie per aver visitato  Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog. Thank you for being here and following Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog.

Con affetto / With love, Coco

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  1. Harija - Maggio 14, 2014

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  2. Jackie Harrison - Maggio 14, 2014

    Congratulation doll is always a blessing when god send an angel.<br />

  3. Beauty Unearthly - Maggio 14, 2014

    Beautiful post, really interesting! xx<br />

  4. Laura C. - Maggio 14, 2014

    che bello quello argentato;) ciao cara buona serata;)

  5. Stanislava E. - Maggio 14, 2014

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  6. Kizzy Von Doll - Maggio 14, 2014

    These are so lovely. And congrats to you doll, am so so pleased for you &amp; that the baby arrived safely!! Enjoy being an Aunt, I love it. I have lots of nephews and nieces. Babies are so sweet :)) Wish you a wonderful day my dear Xxx

  7. Cecilia Costantini - Maggio 14, 2014

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  8. Helder Pereira Coelho - Maggio 14, 2014

    Great post dear;)<br /><br /><br />

  9. Rinako Camellia - Maggio 14, 2014

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  10. Sam - Maggio 14, 2014

    I love your gift guides, these are such dynamic pieces, really unique and pretty. Thanks for stopping by, I always value your opinion on my posts.

  11. Sophia Salaroli - Maggio 14, 2014

    So lovely words and things sweetie 🙂 Good you :)<br />Kisses,<br />NewPost<br />

  12. Mary lolita - Maggio 14, 2014

    Congratulations :)<br />That&#39;s so lovely.<br /><br />XOXO*<br />

  13. Carmen Vecchio - Maggio 14, 2014

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  16. Ivana Split - Maggio 14, 2014

    this sounds so lovely…to have someone&#39;s voice recorded like this.

  17. Regine Karpel - Maggio 14, 2014

    Never heard of them

  18. Dania Carbonini - Maggio 14, 2014

    Ma congratulazioni Vale!!! Sono tanto contenta per te.<br />Bacino<br /><br />NEW POST<br /><br />

  19. Jess - Maggio 14, 2014

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  20. *TDM* - Maggio 14, 2014

    Ancora tantissimi auguri per essere diventata zia &lt;3 un bacione<br /><br /><br />

  21. Caramella - Maggio 14, 2014

    Beautiful products, what a fabulous choice!<br /><br />

  22. Veronica Vannini - Maggio 14, 2014

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  23. P- - Maggio 14, 2014

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  24. Gemma Donohue - Maggio 14, 2014

    Congratulation darling<br />Be a mother is the best gift ever.<br />Love your blog.<br />xoxo<br />

  25. Gemma Donohue - Maggio 14, 2014

    Ok so is me again I got to X-cited thinking about the Baby.<br />So I&#39;m apologize for the concussion <br />And congratulation for being and Auntie, have a baby on the family is awesome :)<br />xoxo<br />

  26. Rowena @ rolala loves - Maggio 14, 2014

    Congratulations on becoming an auntie! This jewelry line really takes personalization to the next level! I love the idea of an illustrated voice message. Thanks for sharing!<br /><br />Rowena @ <a href="; rel="nofollow">rolala loves</a>

  27. Sandra - More Style Than Fashion - Maggio 14, 2014

    Congrats on becoming an auntie :D<br />Well I never heard about this brand but thanks for sharing it looks lovely!<br />x Sandra<br /><br /><br />Fashion Blogger Stories

  28. Agata Panucci - Maggio 14, 2014

    Congralutazioni!! 😀 Un bacio!<br /><br />Nuovo post! Ti va di passare? :)<br />

  29. Paolo TheLookLover - Maggio 14, 2014

    Bellissimi!!<br />Grazie Coco, buona serata anche a te,un abbraccione!!<br />Paolo

  30. Sakuranko - Maggio 14, 2014

    Oh very interesting that sounds so cool!<br />xx<br />

  31. Lenya - Maggio 14, 2014

    Lovely ones. Thx for sharing Coco, will have to check it out later.<br />kisses darling<br />Lenya<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">FashionDreams&amp;Lifestyle</a>

  32. Jeanne - Maggio 15, 2014

    Lovely post!<br />XO<br />Jeanne<br />

  33. Cristina R. - Maggio 15, 2014

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  34. Alexandra Bellavista - Maggio 15, 2014

    Augurissimi e splendidi questi anelli!<br />

  35. Eva Halinor - Maggio 15, 2014

    Amazing service! I will try it out when the time comes:)<br /><br />

  36. Marina Ghirga - Maggio 15, 2014

    Congratulazioni Vale carissima!!!! Un bacione,<br />Marina<br /><br /><br />

  37. Nicky mywishstyle - Maggio 15, 2014

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  40. Jasmine Rabuñal Barrientos - Maggio 15, 2014

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  42. Helena Oops - Maggio 15, 2014

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  43. Federico De Simone - Maggio 15, 2014

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  44. Natalia | Fashioned by Love - Maggio 15, 2014

    Sounds surreal and wonderful! What a unique idea! x

  45. Lilli - Maggio 15, 2014

    Ciao Vale! Non avevo mai sentito parlare di Makoo e non pensavo nemmeno un&#39;idea del genere potesse essere fattibile, la trova geniale e romanticissima!:) Sarei curiosa di vedere cosa il suono della mia voce ed il messaggio vocale riesca a plasmare. Ancora auguri zia Vale, un bacio grande &lt;3

  46. MilanoTime - Maggio 15, 2014

    Congratulazioni per essere diventata zia &lt;3<br />un bacione<br />

  47. Kylie R. - Maggio 15, 2014

    This is indeed lovely and quite a unique concept! I like the idea that only YOU know what the sound wave on your ring means. I think it&#39;s sweet and endearing.<br /><br />

  48. Violet Wool by Maria Vicini - Maggio 15, 2014

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  61. Araceli Vera - Maggio 15, 2014

    Preciosa entrada <br />Un besito <br />

  62. Kim Alston - Maggio 15, 2014

    that&#39;s so cool and unique! I never heard anything about that.<br />

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    That is magical! What a genius idea. Thanks for sharing.<br /><br />

  64. Conchy Copé - Maggio 15, 2014

    Bellissimi!!<br />Baci<br />Conchy<br /><br />

  65. Dressed with soul - Maggio 15, 2014

    Hello dearest Coco, congrats to the new parents and that you are a new auntie 🙂 I can imagine how happy you are about this! And no, I never heard about such rings before although the idea is really convincing Hope your week were how you like it so far &lt;3<br /><br />Hugs, kisses and love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena<br /><br /><b><a href="; rel="nofollow">

  66. Celia Sánchez - Maggio 15, 2014

    It is the first time i&#39;ve heard about this brand :)<br /><br /><br />

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    Congratulations on the new family member, you have been blessed! I really enjoyed this post, I can appreciate a beautiful gem. Lot of kisses, dear Valeria!

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    Não conhecia, gostei muito<br />Adorei o seu blog…<br />Tenha um bom fim de semana!<br />Beijos

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  72. Tany - Maggio 16, 2014

    OMG, this sounds wonderful! It&#39;s the first time I&#39;m hearing about this, and I find it very interesting! I look forward to find out more about it, thanks for sharing this info, Coco!<br />Have a wonderful day, darling!<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"> Tany et La Mode</a>

  73. tr3ndygirl fashion blogger - Maggio 16, 2014

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