OOTD – Batik and Bella Bri

Hello pearls,

with today’s outfit I’m happy to introduce an emerging Italian designer and manufacturer of bijoux: I’m sure you’ll love Bella Bri for the unique imprint of each handcrafted jewel, like the beautiful statement cuff with cameo I rock on my wrist.
By the way, I’m linking up with Mis Papelicos #share-in-style meetup, featuring GOLD, on Saturday 21st from 9 a.m. European time, don’t miss it!!

I find the flirtatious frame of this cuff complements nicely the lulling pattern of my Batik print maxi-dress. As you know, this season I’ve been obsessed with long dresses: feminine and suiting different styles depending on the model, they conveniently allow you to look good and make an impact with just one garment. So easily dressed up, you will only need a statement piece of jewelry to complete the outfit, be it a necklace, recommended with strapless dresses, or a bracelet, matching the outfit allure.

Batik print maxi-dress, Miss Miss by Valentina
Plated brass cuff with cameo, Bella Bri via PashionVictim
Flat sandals, H&M

Plated brass cuff with cameo from Bella Bri “Grace” collection
Now available in my virtual boutique on PashionVictim

Some info about my lovely sponsor
Bella Bri bijoux are made in Italy, handcrafting galavanized brass and trasnparent resin to create one-of-a-kind jewels. Each collection is designed to compliment women’s different styles and aesthetic ideals, with a fil rouge distinguishing all of them, that is the inspiration drawn from traditional imagery of Neapolitan culture.
The white peacock adorning my cuff – for example – is a symbol of the “evil eye”, and the woman wearing it holds it as a talisman symbolizing her strength and charisma. Isn’t it utterly fascinating?
You can click HERE to buy this exquisite jewel, and HERE  to check out all outstanding creations from Bella Bri, available – along with the best #madeinitaly crafts – on PashionVictim online store.

I can’t wait to hear what YOU think of my look of the day: I appreciate your straightforward opinions!

Hugs and loves



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  1. Stadin Style - June 20, 2014

    That dress looks really good on you!<br /><br />http://www.stadinstyle.helsinkids.fi/

  2. Manuela Muratore - June 20, 2014

    una dea tesoro…. sempre più bella , fantastico questo abito lungo <br />unconventionalsecrets.blogspot.it

  3. Miss Clo - June 20, 2014

    Ammetto che il bracciale l&#39;ho notato ma solo dopo il tuo abito. Stai benissimo!!<br />Buona giornata :-)<br />http://missclodipassioniecontorni.blogspot.it/

  4. fashion-meets-art - June 20, 2014

    what a fantastic look! everything suits you so well. amazing!<br />kisses to you- happy friday.<br />Maren Anita<br /><br /><a href="http://www.fashion-meets-art.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita</a>

  5. Kizzy Von Doll - June 20, 2014

    So so beautiful doll, love the dress and the bracelet too, you look stunning!! Marvellous pictures. Happy Friday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend Xxxx

  6. Marina Ghirga - June 20, 2014

    Sei bellissima con questo abito! E il bracciale è l&#39;accessorio perfetto! Buon proseguimento di vacanza! Un bacio,<br />Marina <br />http://www.maridress.blogspot.it/<br />

  7. Carmen Vecchio - June 20, 2014

    che bella che sei mi piace tantissimo questo abito!<br />www.mrsnoone.it<br />kiss<br />

  8. Emmylou - June 20, 2014

    That cuff is just too awesome, Coco:) And it does go well with the dress. Lookin fab as usual:)

  9. Style and Paper - June 20, 2014

    Beautiful dress!! And the bracelet is so pretty!!<br /><br />xoxo<br /><a href="http://styleandpaper.blogspot.com/&quot; rel="nofollow"> Style and Paper </a><br /><a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/9689675&quot; rel="nofollow"> Bloglovin </a>

  10. Desirèe D'Aloia - June 20, 2014

    sei stupenda, questo abito ti sta divinamente!<br /><br />http://thefashionprincessblog.blogspot.it

  11. Dulcinéia de Sá - June 20, 2014

    Amei seu look amiga!<br />Que vestido lindo! O acessório também!<br />Compartilhei no G+ e no Facebook :)<br />Baixei o aplicativo Blogger no meu Tablet e fiz um post mostrando o passo a passo. <br />Estou amando usá-lo. É muito prático. Vem ver!<br />http://dulcineiadesa.blogspot.com.br/2014/06/instalando-o-aplicativo-blogger-no.html

  12. Fabiola Tinelli - June 20, 2014

    Davvero bello questo bracciale e sei bellissima con l&#39;abito lungo!

  13. Dania Carbonini - June 20, 2014

    Bellissimo questo maxi dress dal sapore etnico tesoro.<br />Un bacio<br /><br />NEW POST<br /><br />www.angelswearheels.com

  14. Chiara - Tra il dire e il fare - June 20, 2014

    bellissimo abito, dove posso acquistarlo? Solo on line? Bellissimi i capelli mossi, mi piaci di più mossa, te l&#39;avevo detto anche l&#39;anno scorso quando avevo visto quelle foto che avevi scattato in Città Alta…

  15. MayLoveFashion - June 20, 2014

    Bellissimo il bracciale, mi piace molto!

  16. Beauty Unearthly - June 20, 2014

    Great post dear…lovely pics..:-)<br />such a beautiful and elegant outfit! and what a lovely location! xx

  17. Elisa Cesarini - June 20, 2014

    queste foto sono bellissime!!!! La prima poi sembra una foto da rivista di moda…bellissima davvero…ci credo che ti sei innamorata degli abiti lunghi, ti stanno da dio!<br />un bacio grande<br />Eli<br />www.blackstarstyle.com<br />

  18. Mihaela Pojogu - June 20, 2014

    Bellissima! An effortless look, you look like a goddess! xoxo

  19. Rinako Camellia - June 20, 2014

    Perfect look! *O*<br /><br /><a href="http://macabrefledgling.blogspot.cz/&quot; rel="nofollow">❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤</a><br />Rinako<br />

  20. Smallnhot Sarah - June 20, 2014

    The batik print dress looks amazing on you ! gorgeous…<br /><br /><b><a href="www.smallnhot.com" rel="nofollow">www.smallnhot.com</a></b><br /><a href="www.facebook.com/smallnhot" rel="nofollow">facebook/smallnhot</a> | <a href="https://twitter.com/mysarah159&quot; rel="nofollow">twitter/mysarah159</a> | <a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/4582603&quot; rel="nofollow">BlogLovin/smallnhot</a> | <a

  21. Natalia | Fashioned by Love - June 20, 2014

    Love this look! The dress is beautiful and the cuff is just gorgeous in every way! x

  22. Catarina Magalhães - June 20, 2014

    Great look!<br /><br /><a href="http://heykathrefrain.blogspot.pt/&quot; rel="nofollow">An Ideal For Living</a><br />

  23. Jackie Harrison - June 20, 2014

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  24. Helder Pereira Coelho - June 20, 2014

    Gorgeous! Love that dress<br /><br />http://helderschicplace.blogspot.com/

  25. Isa Machado - June 20, 2014

    Perfect dress dear! :)<br /><br /><a href="http://tictacliving.blogspot.pt/&quot; rel="nofollow">Isa M., Tic Tac Living</a>

  26. mademoisellemode - June 20, 2014

    Amazing dress :)<br /><br />Kisses<br />http://www.mademoisellemode.com/

  27. Marta - June 20, 2014

    Hello from Spain: great maxi dress. Nice pics. Keep in touch

  28. angelica alberti - June 20, 2014

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  29. angelica alberti - June 20, 2014

    E&#39; splendido anche il bracciale prezioso, baci Angelichic<br /><br />WWW.ANGELICHIC.COM

  30. Elsie Davies - June 20, 2014

    Looking ever so lovely Coco dear!! Fabulous outfit. Love the cuff.

  31. Janneke - June 20, 2014

    You look amazing hun!<br /><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://hmlovur.blogspot.nl"&gt; HMLovur </a>

  32. ELISA - June 20, 2014

    questo abito è proprio un sogno!<br /> <a href="http://namelessfashionblog.com&quot; rel="nofollow"><br />Nameless Fashion Blog</a>

  33. Sacramento Amate - June 20, 2014

    You are beautiful and that dress enhances your natural beauty; you are also a wonderful friend and I feel very lucky to have you in my life.<br />Tons of love.<br />XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  34. tr3ndygirl fashion blogger - June 20, 2014

    io i batik li amo,pensa che i quadri che ho a casa sono tutti esclusivamente indonesiani<br />bellissimo l&#39;abito<br />nuovo Outfit da me,ti va di darmi il tuo parere?<br />http://tr3ndygirl.com<br />buon venerdì,un abbraccio

  35. Stanislava E. - June 20, 2014

    I find the print of your maxi dress really cool! Also, such a stylish bracelet! Have a great weekend!<br /><br /><a href="http://sunandsany.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">sunandsany</a>

  36. Laura C. - June 20, 2014

    quest abito è fantastico tesoro, e ti sta divinamente!!!!

  37. Elisabetta Bertolini - June 20, 2014

    wow che adorabile vestito :D<br /><br /><a href="http://www.elisabettabertolini.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">ELIZABETH BAILEY BLOG</a>

  38. Allison Weeks - June 20, 2014

    Beautiful dress! You look great &lt;3<br /><br /> <a href="http://www.sweetmadameblue.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Sweet Madame Blue</a>

  39. Juana Nicolau - June 20, 2014

    nice dress and photos<br />kissessss<br /><br />www.mipetitdream.blogspot.com.es

  40. Federica Di Nardo - June 20, 2014

    che meraviglia questo abito!!! ti sta d’incanto!!<br /><br />Federica<br />http://www.thecutielicious.com<br />The Cutielicious<br />

  41. What Kenny Hearts - June 20, 2014

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  42. Judas Lee - June 20, 2014

    adorable boho dress!<br />x<br /><br />http://radarmagazine.se/fashionandfcuker

  43. Ivana Split - June 20, 2014

    mi piace moltissimo il bracciale! molto originale e chic! Ti sta benissimo questo abito! sei bellissima!

  44. Kim Alston - June 20, 2014

    I am in love with that dress Val! The print and style is gorgeous on you. You look smashing!!!

  45. Annie L - June 20, 2014

    Really gorgeous. Love that dress.<br />xo Annie<br /><a href="http://newenglandromance.blogspot.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">New England Romance</a>

  46. Margaret Dallospedale - June 20, 2014

    E no… oggi non se principessa… Oggi mio bel tesoro sei una DEA!!!!<br />Adoro queste foto Vale e che bello il bracciale<br />Un bacione e buon weekend<br />Maggie D.<br /><a href="http://www.indiansavage.com&quot; rel="nofollow">The Indian Savage Diary</a>

  47. Svetlana - June 20, 2014

    OH I love the dress, it&#39;s so nice :)<br /><br />Hugs<br />Svetlana from <a href="http://lavenderstarbys.blogspot.co.at/&quot; rel="nofollow">Lavender Star</a> // <a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/3587406/&quot; rel="nofollow">BlogLovin</a> // <br /><a href="http://instagram.com/svetlanalalana/&quot; rel="nofollow">Instagram</a> // <a href="https://www.facebook.com/lavenderstarbysvetlana?ref=br_rs&quot;

  48. Enara Girl - June 20, 2014

    I love the look, the bracelet is awesome :)<br />xoxo<br /><br /><a href="http://enarasthings.blogspot.com.es&quot; rel="nofollow"> Enara&#39;s Things </a>

  49. francesca romana capizzi - June 20, 2014

    Complimenti perchè queste foto sono bellissime e adoro la location! Adoro le creazioni Bella Bri!<br /><a href="http://www.dontcallmefashionblogger.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">Don&#39;t Call Me Fashion Blogger</a><br /><a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dont-Call-Me-Fashion-Blogger/209835832384201&quot; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a><br /><a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/2484071/

  50. Gabrielle at Find Me Those Heels - June 20, 2014

    The brass cuff is so striking! It looks incredibly luxurious and really works with the gorgeous maxi dress!! Have a great weekend! :)<br /><br />http://findmethoseheels.blogspot.co.uk/<br />- I follow back on Bloglovin&#39; – <br /><br />x

  51. Sam - June 20, 2014

    The print is so attractive and the maxi looks beautiful on you hun. I appreciate your great feedback, have an awesome weekend!

  52. Lenya - June 20, 2014

    I love the dress Coco. You look beautiful, love your makeup. You are gorgeous honey.<br />kisses darling<br />Lenya<br /><a href="http://fashiondreamsandlifestyle.blogspot.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">FashionDreams&amp;Lifestyle</a>

  53. Harija - June 20, 2014

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  54. RetroStreetStation - June 20, 2014

    you are so wonderful!

  55. Vanessa Billie-Jill-Jean - June 20, 2014

    Wow, this dress is so pretty. ;-)<br />Lovely greets Nessa

  56. paola robiolio bose - June 20, 2014

    ciao Coco, in genere non sono una gran fan del batik, ma sei uno splendore in questo abito, davvero bellissima!<br />paolasophia.blogspot.it

  57. Malu Swartjes - June 20, 2014

    <b>Super nicely styled! 🙂 Your style is amazing girl<br /> xx<br /><a href="http://www.thestylishconfessions.com&quot; rel="nofollow">The Stylish Confessions</a><br /></b><br />

  58. Demi Mist - June 21, 2014

    You look fantastic! Great photos!!!

  59. Underemployed1 - June 21, 2014

    That is some VERY special bling!

  60. clay - June 21, 2014

    like the stunning dress, the print in it is beautiful.

  61. Isabella de Paiva - June 21, 2014

    OMG, I want your dress! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.<br /><br /><a href="http://www.theurbantrends.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">The Urban Trends</a>

  62. Lizzy - June 21, 2014

    che bella con questo maxi dress e i capelli ondulati!<br />carinissimo il bracciale!

  63. thefashionistile - June 21, 2014

    ciao coco sei bellissima con questo long dress… bello il bracciale tu sei bellissima… 🙂

  64. My name is Peggy Sue - June 21, 2014

    Ohhhhhh perfect dress and beautiful hair!! lovely look! kissssssssssssssssss

  65. Fly DP - June 21, 2014

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  66. Rosy - June 21, 2014

    Certainly, you look 70&#39;s style with this beautiful dress …. please let me make a correction on your post …. I see TWO jewels here … the bracelet ….and you, beautiful Lady!

  67. Eva Halinor - June 22, 2014

    Gorgeous dress! Love the whole look, so well put together! <br /><br /><a href="http://instagram.com/rocooco&quot; rel="nofollow">Instagram</a>|<a href="http://rococostyle.blogspot.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">RococoStyle.com</a>|<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/evahalinor&quot; rel="nofollow">Bloglovin&#39;</a>

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  69. Tany - June 22, 2014

    Perfect look from head to toe, Coco! LOVE your hair &amp; makeup, the dress is TDF and the cuff is a DREAM!!!<br />Kisses,<br /><a href="http://tanyetlamode.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow"> Tany et La Mode</a><br /><a href="http://www.facebook.com/tanyetlamode&quot; rel="nofollow"> Tany et La Mode on Facebook</a> (New)

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