Trasparenze – SS2014 TRENDS – Sheer Shapes

Trasparenze – SS2014 TRENDS – Sheer Shapes

Ciao tesori, oggi vi presenterò un trend molto in voga questa Primavera-Estate: le trasparenze. Trasparenze in seta e organza richiamano una sensualità molto sofisticata, soprattutto nella loro versione più pura, il bianco ottico. Lasciamoci ispirare da trasparenze di lusso: tra le proposte che ho preferito, troviamo Nina Ricci, con una candida blusa arricchita da ruches e dettagli metallici.  Hello my loves, let’s talk about an intriguing trend in vogue this Spring Summer: transparencies. Sheer shapes create a dainty flirtatious effect in a very sophisticated way, especially in their purest version in optical white. Let’s be inspired by a few deluxe eye-candies: among my top favourites, Nina Ricci present a candid blouse, embellished with ruffles and metallic details.

Trasparenze – SS2014 TRENDS – Sheer Shapes

Nina Ricci,  image from
trasparenze - sheer shapes

trasparenze – sheer shapes

Se siete alla ricerca di alternative più economiche per il vostro shopping, non perdetevi il mio prossimo post: ho selezionato per voi alcune proposte low-cost da far invidia alle rispettive versioni luxury! Intanto ditemi: vi affascina il trend delle trasparenze? Lo andrete ad adottare questa stagione? per quanto miriguarda, lo inserirò nel mio guardaroba, senza esagerare, riservandolo ad occasioni informali. If you’d rather find cheaper alternatives, stay tuned for my next post: I picked for you low-cost items that will be the envy of their luxury counterparts! Now tell me: do you like this trend? Are you going to incorporate it into your wardrobe? As far as I’m concerned, I will give it a try with a couple of items, that I will wear on informal occasions.

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  1. CM - April 4, 2014

    Great post, dear! ^-^ I love transparencies!<br />Nice blog!<br /><br />

  2. Glamour ZONE - April 4, 2014

    great post dear.<br />have a lovely weekend<br />keep intouch<br />kisses

  3. Alessandra Heidelberg - April 4, 2014

    Mi piace questo trend!!<br />Alessandra Style

  4. Jackie Harrison - April 4, 2014

    So soft and pretty nice collage. Have a great weekend doll.<br />

  5. Antonella Iavazzo - April 4, 2014

    Bellissimo trend, adoro queste proposte!!<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Nelslicious</a> <b>||</b> <a href="; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a>, <a href="; rel="nofollow">Bloglovin</a> &amp; <a href="; rel="nofollow">Twitter</a><br

  6. Ola K. - April 4, 2014

    I love it!<br /><br />¦<br /><br /><br />

  7. Emmylou - April 4, 2014

    I think this is a great trend if done right. Otherwise, it can look really…well…not too nice:P

  8. Ivana Split - April 4, 2014

    si, mi piace questo trend! bellissima selezione!<br />un bacio

  9. Irene Papadopoulou - April 4, 2014

    an other great post! love this inspiration!<br /><br />Irene<br />

  10. Jenny Scott Russell - April 4, 2014

    I like the sheer panels, so feminine x<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Freya&#39;s Fashion Chapter</a><br />

  11. The Dainty Dolls House - April 4, 2014

    Hello lovely…this are perfect, I love sheer fabrics!! I would wear any of these choices. I hope you have a marvellous weekend with lots of fun and great times with your family!! Lots of love Xxx

  12. Mónica López Gutierrez - April 4, 2014
  13. Claudia - April 4, 2014

    Mi piace un sacco questo trend!!<br />Un bacio

  14. Froso M. - April 4, 2014

    Transparencies look so feminine if worn correctly. You&#39;ve featured the perfect examples.<br /><br />You have a new follower! I would be more than happy to see you on my list as well.<br /><br />xoxo,<br />Froso<br />Style Nirvana

  15. Kim Nguyen - April 4, 2014

    I definitely noticed the sheer trend lately… Good eye!<br /><br />xxxo from San Francisco,<br /><br />-Kim<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><br /><br />Instagram: <br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">KimKardashnguyen</a><br /><br />Twitter: <br /><a href="; rel="

  16. angelica alberti - April 4, 2014

    bellissima scelta di abiti, baci Angelichic<br /><br />WWW.ANGELICHIC.COM

  17. Sam - April 4, 2014

    I like how fresh and modern this looks, especially in white, great post! I thank you for your kind words and wish you a splendid weekend!

  18. Daniella C - April 5, 2014

    love!<br />xx<br />daniella<br />

  19. ThefashionFlite - April 5, 2014

    I love the designers versions of sheer cloth, the fabric is just dreamy ! I am looking at a few white tops this summer, lets see If am that lucky :)<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"> ✿thefashionflite</a><br /><a href="!/thefashionflite&quot; rel="nofollow"> ✿twitter</a><br /><a href="; rel="

  20. Ambi Page - April 5, 2014

    love it ! xx<br />

  21. Dania Carbonini - April 5, 2014

    Cime tutti i trend mi piace ma preso a piccole dosi :-)<br />Un bacio Vale<br /><br />NEW POST<br /><br />

  22. Marina Ghirga - April 5, 2014

    è un bellissimo trend cara!!!! Un bacio,<br />Marina<br /><br /><br />

  23. ediot - April 5, 2014

    lovely post.thanks for sharing these inspirational looks<br />x

  24. Tropical Colours - April 5, 2014

    Hello lovely! Thank you for the comment on my blog! <br />I really like your quote as well! It&#39;s so cute! 🙂 xx<br /><br />

  25. AboutClaire - April 5, 2014

    I love it!!

  26. Alice Cerea - April 5, 2014

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  27. Lucy - April 5, 2014

    Mi piacciono mnolto questi inserti che giocano sulle trasparenze. Lucy

  28. Sofia - April 5, 2014

    I love this trend, I have especially a crush on the transparent t-shirt !<br /><br />Bisous !<br />Sofia<br />

  29. Pamela Soluri - April 5, 2014

    tutte belle le tue proposte<br />se a piccoli tocchi la tendenza mi piace,anche sul nero può essere molto affascinante<br />—-&gt; <a href="; rel="nofollow">fashion blogger pamela soluri</a> &lt;—-<br />Buon fine settimana

  30. patricia sanchez - April 5, 2014

    That post so perfect, I love the pictures! I hope my blog with my last post, thank you very much beautiful, a huge kiss!<br /><br /><br /><br />

  31. Mary Lou - April 5, 2014

    i love it when there is just a small part of a shirt or dress with sheer effect but i personally would´t wear a whole sheer shirt, although i must admit it looks great on others;)<br />love and kiss,mary<br />

  32. Alexandra Bellavista - April 5, 2014
  33. Anna Maria Duda - April 5, 2014

    i love this trend!

  34. Lilli - April 5, 2014

    Mi piace e vorrei una camicia così! Un bacio Vale, buon fine settimana!:**

  35. crafty-zone - April 5, 2014

    I like this trend in black version, but in white it&#39;s much better for the summer 🙂 Have an amazing weekend, dear :)<br /><br />

  36. Veronica Vannini - April 5, 2014

    Sì!!! Promosso questo trend!!!<br />Un bacione cara e buon fine settimana!<br />Passa a trovarmi <a href="; rel="nofollow">VeryFP</a><br />

  37. JANICE G - April 5, 2014

    thanks for sharing :)<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">the STYLE Fringe BLOG</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">the STYLE Fringe BLOGLOVIN</a><br />

  38. Manuela Muratore - April 5, 2014

    siii tesoro mi piace questo trend<br />buon sabato<br />

  39. Francesca Romana Capizzi - April 5, 2014

    questo è un trend che difficilmente adotterò, sono molto pudica io…..<br />Mi sa che non ho mai messo nulla che fosse leggermente trasparente ghghghgh!!<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Don&#39;t Call Me Fashion Blogger</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a><br /><a href="

  40. the chilicool - April 5, 2014

    Lovely this trend!<br />Alessia<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">THECHILICOOL</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">FACEBOOK</a><br />Kiss

  41. Vale ♥ - April 5, 2014

    E&#39; un trend che mi piace anche se lo trovo difficile come applicazione….specialmente quando si vedono spalline di reggiseno o altro può riisultare meno bello, bisogna stare attente, ma sperimentare mi piace, sicuramente proverò qualcosa ! Baci<br /><br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Fashion and Cookies</a><br /><a href="

  42. LEN K - April 5, 2014

    the top picture is so fabulous!<br />

  43. Debra - April 5, 2014

    I do love this trend Coco. 🙂 And there are so many ways to wear it. Great post my love! Co<br /><br />

  44. Stella Scarlett Rose - April 5, 2014

    I love transparency and need a piece with transparent details! Great post.<br /><br />✿

  45. Carmen Vecchio - April 5, 2014

    è un trend che mi piace molto!<br />Buon week-end!<br /><br />kiss<br />

  46. Celia Sánchez - April 5, 2014

    An incredible collection :)<br /><br />

  47. Mihaela Pojogu - April 5, 2014

    are few examples which I wear :)<br />xoxo

  48. Adriana Bernabé - April 5, 2014

    I love this trend but in small dose, I think it´s so sensual.<br />Kisses<br />Fashion Avenue by Adriana<br />

  49. Rosy - April 5, 2014

    Although I never followed trends in contemporary fashion, and love everything this post shows, transparencies are always delicate and romantic … looking forward to see your proposal.

  50. Dressed with soul - April 5, 2014

    Hello dearest Coco! I have to admit that I have already some sheer pieces in my closet – although I would prefer that this pieces shouldn&#39;t be sheer 🙂 To this collection belong some dresses and skirts which I would like to wear at work but this it is impossible as the materials sheers … Unfortunately I wore some of this pieces already at work and recognized first at work that they are

  51. Pearl in Fashion - April 5, 2014

    I like this idea! :)<br />Nice blog darling, would you like to follow each other?<br />xoxo<br /><br />visit me soon on

  52. Caroline Topperman - April 5, 2014

    Love the white with sheer panels! I would definitely love any of these!<br />xo<br />

  53. blogablebeauty - April 5, 2014

    Love the sheer trend, specially in boxy shapeless tops, I think is a nice play between the sexiness of the sheer and the shape of the top<br />

  54. Margaret Dallospedale - April 5, 2014

    Adoro il total white, ma siccome sono così bianca… devo aspettare l&#39;estate jajajaja<br />Ti auguro una bellissima domenica tesoro mio.<br />Un bacione<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">The Indian Savage Diary</a>

  55. Lenya - April 5, 2014

    Great post Coco. Love the trend. <br />Have a great weekend darling<br />kisses<br />Lenya<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">FashionDreams&amp;Lifestyle</a>

  56. *TDM* - April 5, 2014

    Mi piacciono un sacco gli abiti vedo-non vedo<br />adoro le trasparenze, le trovo molto sexy<br />un bacione tesoro<br /><br />

  57. London Loafers - April 6, 2014

    Absolutely beautiful, I especially love the Balmain dress :)<br /><br />Hayfa<br />

  58. Valentina Coco - April 6, 2014

    Wowww beautiful. Hello dear stay in touch. <br /><br />Valentina.<br /><br /><b><a href="; rel="nofollow">WWW.ZAGUFASHION.COM</a></b><br /><b><a href="; rel="nofollow">ZAGU FACEBOOK PAGE</a></b><br /><b><a href="; rel="nofollow">bloglovin follower</a></b><br />

  59. Christine Uy - April 6, 2014

    I really think sheer outfits look so sexy despite the controversies behind it. It&#39;s not about the clothes, it&#39;s how people wear it that makes them elegant and chic! :)<br /><br /><b>Take care always, love Christine ~ xo</b><br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">BLOG</a> | <a href="; rel="nofollow">

  60. IN & OUT - April 6, 2014

    nice inspiration ,thank u for visit ,nice sunday :*<br />

  61. Federica Di Nardo - April 6, 2014

    Mi piace questo trend :)<br /><br />The Cutielicious<br /><br />Federica<br /><br />

  62. The Foreigner Girl - April 6, 2014

    Love this trend, is perfect, so flawless! :)<br />Keep up the good work dear! Sigue así!<br />Follow (if u like):

  63. Ileana - April 6, 2014

    I love this sheer trend :)<br /><br />xoxo<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Novelstyle</a><br />

  64. Diana Ashuayem - April 6, 2014

    I&#39;m loving this sheer trend! Great post.<br />

  65. Marija M. - April 6, 2014

    Love it, so feminine and pretty! xoxo<br /><br />

  66. Maria Laura Argyropoulos - April 6, 2014

    Mi piace molto, è davvero elegante!<br />Baci<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">The Fashion Curly</a>

  67. Helena Oops - April 6, 2014

    Great post!<br />Lovely selection!<br />I love it all!<br />Have a fab sunday!

  68. Birdie Liau - April 6, 2014

    The trends are eye catching and I would love to try it out if it actually fit for the seasons right now (: x <br /><br />

  69. Eva Milano - April 6, 2014

    I love sheers, they&#39;re classy!<br />Would you like to follow each other?<br /><br />GIVEAWAY of 10 beauty products: <a href="; rel="nofollow">BLOG Eva Milano</a><br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">FACEBOOK Eva Milano</a><br /><br />

  70. Pink Freeze - April 6, 2014

    Che belli questi nuovi trend, poi io adoro il bianco ;-)<br /><br />

  71. EFFENSHION Chiara - April 6, 2014

    bianco e trasparente è un mix perfetto e un trend da copiare subito per l&#39;estate!<br />Chiara<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">♡EFFENSHION…essence † fashion</a>

  72. Vanessa P - April 6, 2014

    So nice white clothes! Love this style! All the best from Munich,<br /><br />Vanessa<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

  73. Janneke - April 6, 2014

    Great post!<br /><br /><a rel="nofollow" href=""&gt; HMLovur </a>

  74. What Kenny Hearts - April 6, 2014

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  75. Dario Venuti - April 6, 2014

    love it <a href="; rel="nofollow"><br />FASHIONSEDUCER.COM</a><br />

  76. Sarah-M. - April 6, 2014

    Love that!<br />xx<br />Sarah

  77. Kim Alston - April 6, 2014

    You just have to pick something that works with your body type. It can be very pretty.<br />

  78. Chiara T. - April 7, 2014

    Alcuni pezzi si, se hanno delle trasparenze mi piacciono molto.. troppe no!<br />Buona settimana!<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Bonjourchiara Facebook Page </a><br />

  79. Missy May - December 28, 2014

    Great ensemble and trend. 🙂

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