The shoe that Cinderella would have never left behind –  Aruna Seth’s high heeled revolution

The shoe that Cinderella would have never left behind – Aruna Seth’s high heeled revolution

My fragrant flowers,

do you remember my resolution to get myself ONE pair of designer shoes?

Shame on me I hadn’t known by name her every single creation till a couple of weeks ago, I’m very excited today to be talking about worldwide acclaimed and personal absolute favourite shoe designer Aruna Seth.
Aruna’s dainty hands outline princess-like silhouettes, enriched with a sprinkle of shining crystals , precious butterflies or girlie bows, and exclusively endowed with “cachemire-like” soles.

What I find most impressive beyond the exquisite design and the tres chic embellishments is Aruna’s straightforward dedication to create comfortable shoes.

You can imagine my utter astonishment when lovely Naomi from Aruna’s staff told me that she, who adorns high-end brides and celebs all over the world would be glad to be featured here, chez Coco et La vie en rose!

Here she comes!!

Dear Aruna,
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions. To my lovely readers’ pleasure and my utmost pride may I give you a warm welcome at Coco et La vie en rose.

You started designing shoes when you were seven. Would it be fair to say that your style has kept a fairy-tale imprint ever since?

Yes I would say so; my style and designs are all about femininity, glamour and uniqueness – which is why the butterfly is my signature shoe as they represent these features as well as freedom. The shoes that have Swarovski elements adorned on them especially embody a princess-like feel and attract a lot of attention when being worn to make whoever is wearing them feel like royalty. 
I know you have been perfectioning a technique to make pointy toe shoes – which are coming back in fashion – as comfortable as any of your creations. At which stage of the process do you stand?
We already have a pointy toed shoe available to order at the moment called the Victoria heel which is in patent black and also able to order in different colours and materials by emailing or calling us 

Aruna Seth’s shoes are very feminine and princess-like. What do you think about sneakers?
I love the fact that as a brand Aruna Seth shoes present femininity and can make any bride feel like a princess on their wedding day. However I will hopefully be introducing my own twist on the sneaker which have been so big this year – still keeping with the feminine aspect but I think it’s something I’ll definitely have to do. Watch this space.

You have declared in an interview that Aruna Seth’s concept consists in bringing comfort into any shoe model. Can you tell us which is the next model you are going to revolution?
Yes that’s correct my shoes contain a special sock containing plush Italian nappa leather to give feet a cashmere-like cushioning unlike many high end shoe designs. At the moment I’m afraid I can’t give you an exclusive of the next model I hope to revolutionise but as summer is quickly approaching, I would say the decision may slightly sway towards an open toe sandal.

Thank you so much, it was a true honour!

Coco et la vie en rose loves Aruna Seth by cocolavieenrose featuring black shoes
Sweet dreams happily ever after

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  1. My Urban Market - May 21, 2013

    Sai che non la conoscevo? Le scarpe sono adorabili e questa mini intervista è molto carina. Un bacio.<br /><br />Valeria.<br />

  2. Irene's Closet - May 21, 2013

    oooh great!! i love it!!<br /><br />Hope to you have time to come into my blog, just<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">HERE</a> :)<br /><br />Have a nice day :)))<br />xx<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

  3. Helena Oops - May 21, 2013

    Hello my dear!<br />Amazing shoes!<br />I love them!I ve got one like the white one with the ruban…<br />Have a lovely day!<br />Kiss!

  4. Maddie Magpie ♥ - May 21, 2013

    Aaah Coco, I think I have just fallen in love!! Wonderful &#39;princess&#39; shoes, they sound so comfortable too. I can&#39;t wait to see how Aruna re-invents the sneaker!<br /><br />

  5. Bianca - May 21, 2013

    these shoes are so amazingly beautiful! xoxo<br /><br />

  6. Bbonton - May 21, 2013

    Sono davvero scarpe…da favola! Bellissime e molto originali!<br /><br />Buona giornata!<br />Barbara<br /><br />

  7. The Dainty Dolls House - May 21, 2013

    Very cool my dear, lovely shoes indeed :))) I hope you have a sweet day xoxo

  8. JANICE G - May 21, 2013

    cool interview and lovely shoe!<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">the STYLE Fringe BLOG</a><br />

  9. Nicky - May 21, 2013

    Ma quanto sono belle queste scarpe, grazie per averci fatto conoscere questo brand..bella l&#39;intervista.<br />Nicky<br />

  10. Lilli - May 21, 2013

    Ciao Vale! Complimenti per l&#39;intervista, le sue scarpe sono stupende! Caspita, ha iniziato a disegnarle quando ancora era una bimba!:) Buona giornata cara, un bacio!

  11. ♥ vendy ♥ - May 21, 2013

    bellissime *_*<br />xoxo tesoro<br />buona serata<br />vendy

  12. Dania Carbonini - May 21, 2013

    Ciao tesoro…ma che scarpe meravigliose, quelle bianche poi sono spettacolari, proprio da principessa!<br />Certo quando si dice passione…a sette anni ha iniziato e non ha più smesso…<br /><br />Un bacio grande grande e buona serata<br /><br />NEW POST<br /><br />

  13. Kim Alston - May 21, 2013

    Coco! She is awesome! I love the designs of her shoes. So pretty and sparkly!<br />

  14. Sam - May 21, 2013

    I am enthralled by these exquisite shoe designs, what a talented designer! Great interview.

  15. Fabiola Tinelli - May 21, 2013

    Non conoscevo il brand Coco e queste scarpe sono semplicemente stupende!! <br />Fabiola<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">wildflowergirl</a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Facebook page</a><br />

  16. Eva M. - May 21, 2013

    nice post<br />Giveaway on my blog!<br /><br />xx<br />FashionEvELand | FEEL

  17. Valentina - May 21, 2013

    Aruna Seth… un sogno! Le adoro alla follia!<br />Bacini stella<br />Vale<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Un bijou pour TOUS les jours</a><br /><a href=";fref=ts&quot; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a>

  18. Jessica - May 21, 2013

    The shoes are so beautiful. I am of course in love with anything influenced by fairy tale elements.<br /><br />Tracy

  19. Caroline Topperman - May 21, 2013

    Oh these are beautiful! I want a pair of these shoes!<br />xo<br />

  20. Dressed with soul - May 21, 2013

    Oh, she´s creating really wonderful shoes, dearest Coco! And did you know that the boss of my lovely husband is an important member of the Swarovski family?<br /><br />Now I´m waiting urgently which designer shoes you will buy for you, dear friend :)<br /><br />Big hugs from Bavaria, Rena<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><

  21. Anonymous - May 21, 2013

    Fabulous post! Just perfect!<br /><br />Win a pair of sunglasses:<br />

  22. batu akik - May 21, 2013

    Looking at your laughter<br />Hear you humming<br />Clearly visible in my eye<br />Color – color of your beauty

  23. Corinne - May 21, 2013

    wow, love the shoes, I&#39;m glad you got the chance to get an interview for your blog =)<br /><br />I decided to follow you on GFC and bloglovin seeing as we comment on each others blogs back and forth!<br /><br />Corinne x<br />

  24. Miss A - May 22, 2013

    Oh my dear Coco<br />Gorgeous!!<br />And thouses shoes… ufff… Sexy and chic :-)<br />I love!!!<br /><br />Have a nice day<br />And a pink kiss!<br /><br />A

  25. Natalia A - May 22, 2013

    Very beautiful shoes and gorgeous designer! Thank you for the introduction! x

  26. GoldenGirls - May 22, 2013

    Love these! The ones with the bow on the back are GORGEOUS! Hugs from Cali! xx <a href="" rel="nofollow"> The Golden Girls </a>

  27. Issa Tchieu - May 22, 2013

    Pretty yet have ur own personal touch. Great interview too.

  28. Sam - May 22, 2013

    Hi sweety, I appreciated hearing your feedback on my last post 🙂

  29. Mihaela Pojogu - May 23, 2013

    Great interview, the shoes are beautiful!<br />XO<br />

  30. eli eli - May 23, 2013

    Bellissima intervista…è bello sapere che per le persone determinate ad inseguire il proprio sogno la vita apre dei portoni straordinari!…le sue creature sono fantastiche da principesse…

  31. Marie De Moliner - May 25, 2013

    Just love these shoes !!<br />

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