What goes on inside

What goes on inside

“May the long time sun
shine upon you, all love surround you…
and the pure light within you
guide your way on
guide your way on
Sat nam”
Yogi Bhajan

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  1. Sunny & Star - Settembre 13, 2012

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  3. The Dainty Dolls House - Settembre 13, 2012

    These are beautiful x

  4. Kim - Settembre 13, 2012

    Lovely images and sayings – definitely words to live by 🙂

  5. she.is.the.one - Settembre 14, 2012

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  6. fluff and fripperies - Settembre 14, 2012

    Such a relaxing post Coco! xo

  7. Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) - Settembre 14, 2012

    hey coco! i use to have a hard time letting go of people and things, but not anymore. these words mean so much. one has to have faith and trust. you must believe there is something better in store! have an amazing weekend my friend.<br />http://www.averysweetblog.com/

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