Go out and wear your off the shoulder dress this Summer

Go out and wear your off the shoulder dress this Summer

Rocking my off the shoulder dress before it goes out of fashion. Why you should wear your OTS dress this Summer. Via your best fashion blogger friend.

Why you should wear your off the shoulder dress this Summer

Hello lovely ladies! I’ll keep it short because I’m scheduling this post before leaving for my vacation at the seaside. I just wanted to give you a heads up before Summer fully kicks in. That is, go out and wear your off the shoulder dress before it goes out of fashion.

If you have stocked up on OTS dresses over the past two years, you might want to make the most of them this Summer. With a flattering silhouette showcasing your bare shoulders, OTS dresses and tops have been trending hard. But there are rumors from fashion editors that their incredible popularity is going to fade. By the way I’m just letting you know, in case it’s true, and in case it matters to you. Since the same fashion editors predicted the fringes trend would be out soon. While I personally spotted fringes everywhere on FW 2019/2019 catwalks.

Nonchalant of afore mentioned rumors, nor caring that much if it’s trendy when I like something, I got myself a lovely off the shoulder dress for this Summer. With its vivid colours and the cutest tassels embellishing it, it sort of reminds me of a Sicilian coffa bag. Which, by the way, I’ve been looking for during my vacation in Sicily last year, but to no avail. That’s why I styled it with a small wicker bag, creating the most summer-ish look I could think of.

While proof-reading this article, I realized what a huge oxymoron it may sound! That is, I’m aware I said everything and the opposite of everything. However, since it reflects my stream of thoughts, I’m not going to rewrite or delete it. If you have had the patience to read this far a) you’re a true friend b) you have figured out I was in desperate need of a break when I wrote this post. Which, no matter what, I’m very proud of. Thank you for being here my loves!

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Ph. Fashion Prospects by Carlo Campi

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  1. Little Fairy Fashion - Giugno 25, 2018

    Bella la stampa dell’abito e super sfiziosa la borsetta.
    Nuovo post “Ferro da stiro a vapore Philips” ora su http://www.littlefairyfashion.com

  2. franci - Giugno 25, 2018

    Stai sfoggiando una collezione di abiti lunghi uno più bello dell’altro!! Meravigliosa la stampa di questo che indossi!
    Un bacione! 💕 F.

    La Civetta Stilosa

  3. Rena - Giugno 25, 2018

    Dear beautiful Valeria, your dress is absolutely adorable!
    xx Rena

  4. KizzyDoll - Giugno 25, 2018

    This dress is amazing, I love the off the shoulder ones. will have to get some myself. I hope you are well lovely xx

  5. Deborah - Giugno 25, 2018

    I LOVE OTS dresses! They’re so perfect for summer and come in all different styles! I love how flowy and pretty your floral one is!

  6. Rachael Sia - Giugno 26, 2018

    oooh this dress is the perfect dress for spring/summer and frolicking in the sun! Love how it fits you and flows perfectly! Enjoy the warm weather babe 🙂 x


  7. Joy Meribe - Giugno 26, 2018

    Lovely! I love the way you make even the simplest of dresses look so stylish and elegant.

  8. Marita - Giugno 26, 2018

    You look so lovely in that dress <3 it's fits You so well 🙂

  9. Kirsten Wendlandt - Giugno 26, 2018

    I’m glad the off the shoulder trend is still here to stay because it looks good on everyone! This dress is so gorgeous on you.

    xox Kirsten // http://www.kirstenwendlandt.com

  10. LAFOTKA - Giugno 27, 2018

    Another stunning beautiful Summer dress! I feel like I should invest in some more this year and wear my old ones! thanks for the inspiration 😉

    Tatyana x

  11. Dom Baza - Luglio 8, 2018

    Dear sister Val,

    You look amazing. Like this dress is pure summer goals! I can’t wait to see whatever you wore on vacation because everyone already knows you are gonna look amazing. Summer goals like I said.
    Love this dress and love you!

    Love, Dom

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