OOTD – Melancholy / Outfit del giorno – Nostalgia

Powder pink dress / Abito, Much Money
Cocco clucth / Borsa, Vintage
Mille Lune Bracelet / Bracciale, CeA Murano via PashionVictim
Nude pumps / Scarpe, Flyflor
Ph. Camilla Micheli


EN – Happy Saturday bunnies!
As you may know I’ve spent a few days at the seaside. Blue sky and summer in full bloom. Departures always give me the blues. What about you?

IT – Buon sabato conigliette!
Come sapete ho trascorso qualche giorno al mare. Cielo azzurro e piena estate.
Le partenze mi danno sempre un po’ di nostalgia. E a voi?

Hugs and loves 
Mille baci 

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  1. Jackie Harrison - August 16, 2014

    Looking elegant and stunning.<br />

  2. Isabelle Geeraerts - August 16, 2014

    Gorgeous dress!<br /><br />xx<br />isa | <a href="http://stoerensexy.blogspot.be&quot; rel="nofollow">My Blog: Stoer &amp; Sexy</a>

  3. Layla Sprinkles - August 16, 2014

    You look absolutely beautiful sweetie!!! SO pretty!! :)<br /><br />Layla xx<br /><br />www.sprinklesofstyle.co.uk

  4. Emmylou - August 16, 2014

    I agree…leaving a beautiful place sucks…sigh….you do look fab in this dress though:)

  5. Marta - August 16, 2014

    Hello from Spain: I like your dress. I also love the beach and sun. Keep in touch

  6. Helder Pereira Coelho - August 16, 2014

    Gorgeous! Love that dress<br /><br /><br />http://helderschicplace.blogspot.com

  7. IN & OUT - August 16, 2014

    come sempre sei meravigliosa!!! chic and glam!!!<br />http://zielonoma.blogspot.it/2014/08/total-denim-look.html

  8. Ivana Split - August 16, 2014

    When I have to leave the sea I feel blue indeed…perhaps even sad. This year I didn&#39;t get to spend much time by the sea…Ah, well at least I took a lot of photographs so I can relive those moments. Sei bellissima in questo vestito!

  9. Rose - August 16, 2014

    Stai benissimo!<br /><a href="http://www.chocolaterosestyle.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">Chocolate Rose Style</a>

  10. Veronica Vannini - August 16, 2014

    Delizioso questo dress! Bellissima, baci cara!!!<br />Passa a trovarmi <a href="http://www.veryfashionplanet.com&quot; rel="nofollow">VeryFP</a><br />

  11. Shannon Boyce - August 16, 2014

    Love this outfit! So beautiful.<br /><a href="http://the-creationofbeauty.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">the-creationofbeauty.blogspot.com</a>

  12. Andrea jueong - August 16, 2014

    Cute dress! You look beautiful!<br />http://www.fabuloustorture.blogspot.com

  13. Helena Resende - August 17, 2014

    Adorable dress :)<br /><br />http://checkinonline.blogspot.pt/

  14. Mckenzie - August 17, 2014

    I love how the pink necklace adds some color to the dress! It really pops! Mckenzie xx<br /><a href="http://www.mckenziechannon.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">Blog</a> | <a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12444583/posts&quot; rel="nofollow">Bloglovin’</a> | <a href="https://twitter.com/stylebymckenzie&quot; rel="nofollow">Twitter</a> | <a href="http://instagram.com/stylebymckenzie&quot; rel="nofollow">Instagram</a>

  15. M - August 17, 2014

    Such a pretty dress! I love how you styled it and the bag and bracelet are a perfect match! You look gorgeous!<br /><br />besos,<br />M<br />http://theflowerduet.blogspot.com/

  16. Desirèe D'Aloia - August 17, 2014

    che bella che sei tesoro, la borsa è troppo carina!!!<br />un bacio e buona domenica :)<br /><br /> http://thefashionprincessblog.blogspot.it/

  17. Jeanne - August 17, 2014

    Si lascia sempre un po di se nei posti in cui si va quando ce ne andiamo via… Comunque questo vestito ti sta una meraviglia Coco! Il colore ed lo stile sono perfetti per te!<br />Baci Carissima!<br />XO<br />Jeanne<br />http://fashionmusingsdiary.blogspot.fr

  18. Manuela Muratore - August 17, 2014

    Dolcissima e bellissima Vale ! coccolosa<br />unconventionalsecrets.blogspot.it<br />

  19. Mary Tur - August 17, 2014

    Very cute and romantic dress)<br /><br />mary-tur.ru

  20. Cristina R. SOFIS CLOSET - August 17, 2014

    anche a me tantissimo, stupendo questo abito romantico<br />un bacio<br />http://sofiscloset.blogspot.it/

  21. Lívia Barta - August 17, 2014

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  22. francesca romana capizzi - August 17, 2014

    Un look bellissimo!!! Stupende anche le foto!

  23. Paola - August 17, 2014

    Un outfit magico!! Love it!<br />Kisses Paola<br /><br /><a href="http://www.themorasmoothie.com&quot; rel="nofollow">www.themorasmoothie.com</a> <br /><a href="https://www.facebook.com/themorasmoothie&quot; rel="nofollow">FACEBOOK</a> <br /><a href="http://instagram.com/themorasmoothie&quot; rel="nofollow">INSTAGRAM</a>

  24. Kylie R. - August 17, 2014

    I love this outfit, Coco! You look stunning. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous and that CLUTCH is simply divine!! I love the exotic skin &lt;3<br /><br />http://itsthekyliebabii.blogspot.com

  25. Annette - August 17, 2014

    Happy Weekend this look is so summery and pretty!! Bella beauty<br />www.fashiontrendforward.com

  26. www.selodicecoco.it - August 17, 2014

    Bellissima! eh si anche a me le partenze mettono un pò di nostalgia! Baci Elisabetta

  27. Jasmine Rabuñal Barrientos - August 17, 2014

    The same happens to me, but I also welcome another season, full of expectation. You look so lovely, love every piece. Have a lovely Sunday!<br /><br />Jasmine x<br /><a href="http://www.forarealwoman.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">For a Real Woman </a> <br /><a href="http://www.soeasyspanish.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">So easy Spanish! </a> <br />

  28. Style and Paper - August 17, 2014

    Lovely dress!! You look so sweet!<br /><br />xoxo<br /><a href="http://styleandpaper.blogspot.com/&quot; rel="nofollow"> Style and Paper </a><br /><a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/9689675&quot; rel="nofollow"> Bloglovin </a>

  29. Victoria GlamFizz - August 17, 2014

    You look so classy!<br /><br />Victoria | <a href="http://www.glamfizz.de&quot; rel="nofollow">GlamFizz</a><br />or follow on <a href="http://instagram.com/glamfizz&quot; rel="nofollow"> Instagram</a>

  30. Bernadeth G. - August 17, 2014

    love everything! great photos :D<br /><br />Visit my blog? xx <a href="http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Miss Beatrix</a> (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  31. Moonstyle - August 17, 2014

    sempre belli i tuoi outfit..deliziosa!<br />baci

  32. Nicky mywishstyle - August 17, 2014

    Come sei delicata e sempre molto &quot;fine&quot; e chic!<br />Mi piacciono molto anche le scarpe<br /><br />Buona domenica

  33. The spiral D - August 17, 2014

    SEmpre brutto ripartire! Stai benissimo con questo abito cara ;)<br />Un abbraccio<br />Diana<br /><a href="http://www.thespirald.com/&quot; rel="nofollow"> The Spiral D </a><br /><a href="https://www.facebook.com/TheSpiralD&quot; rel="nofollow"> Facebook page </a>

  34. Glamour ZONE - August 17, 2014

    You look so beautiful.very elegant<br />Love that dress<br />Great sunday dear<br />Cheers

  35. Eva Bergamo - August 17, 2014

    Ma quanto stai bene!!! L&#39;abito è una favola!<br />Baci<br /><a href="http://truccaticoneva.altervista.org/blog&quot; rel="nofollow">TruccatiConEva</a>

  36. Janneke - August 17, 2014

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  37. Sarah-M. - August 17, 2014

    Looks beautiful!<br />xx<br />Sarah

  38. Ileana - August 17, 2014

    This look is beautiful! Love the dress and necklace ^^<br />xoxo<br /><br /><a href="http://novelstyleblog.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Novelstyle</a><br /><br />p.s: Just one day left to participate in my Back to School (Style Scrapbook agenda) giveaway ^^

  39. Dania - August 17, 2014

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  40. Laura C. - August 17, 2014

    bellissime le scarpe, e stai benissimo Vale;)

  41. Diana Ashuayem - August 17, 2014

    You look fabulous!! Love the dress.<br />www.effortlesslady.com

  42. What Kenny Hearts - August 17, 2014

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  43. crafty-zone - August 17, 2014

    Wow, you look amazing in this dress, dear, it&#39;s so romantic look. I discovered that we didn&#39;t follow each other, so I decided to change this: I follow you via GFC as Iwona Zając and on bloglovin&#39; as well, hope you&#39;ll follow back :)<br /><br />http://crafty-zone.blogspot.com/

  44. Paolo TheLookLover - August 17, 2014

    Grazie a te per le tue visite che mi fanno sempre tanto piacere!<br />E poi non sono i miei commenti ad essere adorabili, sei tu che ti vesti troppo bene! ;)<br />Look delizioso Valeria!<br />Bacioni<br /><br />Paolo

  45. Marcela Gmd - August 17, 2014

    Lovely and delicate look!!!<br />Have a nice day!!! my g+ for you!!!:)))<br /><br />Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  46. Beautetude - August 17, 2014

    You look so chic hun. I love your necklace it adds a nice touch.<br /><a href="http://www.beautetude.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Beautetude</a>

  47. Polina Summercaffe - August 17, 2014

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  48. Underemployed1 - August 17, 2014

    Just lovely. You look so good in those colors, as only a blonde can! Would love to get a look at that ring…

  49. Chiara Vitaloni - August 17, 2014

    L&#39;abito è un amore, le scarpe…da sogno!<br /><a href="http://myaccessoriesworld.blogspot.it/&quot; rel="nofollow">My Accessories World</a><br /><br /><br />

  50. peaches mcginty - August 17, 2014

    It&#39;s a beautiful romantic outfit and so pretty on you, yes departures give me the blues too! especially when the place has been wonderful, It sounds like you are having an amazing time with your family and enjoying your time off work, the beach and good weather are good for the soul! x x x

  51. Enara Girl - August 17, 2014

    You look very smart. Nice that you spent somedays in the seaside. xoxo<br /><a href="http://enarasthings.blogspot.com.es&quot; rel="nofollow"> Enara&#39;s Things </a>

  52. Debra - August 17, 2014

    Bellisimo Valeria! You look gorgeous against the beautiful backdrop. I love how your jewels match the color of the flowers. Are they peonies? I can&#39;t wait to come to Italy some day my friend. Xoxo<br /><br />Debra @stylewisebydebra.com

  53. Marija M. - August 17, 2014

    Such a beautiful dress, love the material of it, so easy to wear! xo<br />http://stylesensemoments.blogspot.com/

  54. Nequéren Reis - August 17, 2014

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  55. Pâmela Lepletier - August 17, 2014

    Amazing outfit!<br />http://www.pamlepletier.com/

  56. Tina Bradley - August 17, 2014

    Totally agree–makes me blue when the time away ends… I am absolutely adoring these pics! Gorgeous–and you, know I love pink! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  57. Kim Alston - August 18, 2014

    the delicacy of your dress is so beautiful. love your necklace :D<br />http://www.averysweetblog.com/

  58. libys11 - August 18, 2014

    such a dreamy dress!! 😀 <br /><br /><a href="http://animatedconfessions.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Animated Confessions</a>

  59. M - August 18, 2014

    I absolutely adore the look. The dress is beyond gorgeous and you styled it very well.<br /><br /><a href="http://www.madeinmauve.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Made in Mauve</a><br />

  60. Mathilde Julie - August 18, 2014

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  61. Manuela Muratore - August 18, 2014

    Buongiorno e buon lunedì amo<br />unconventionalsecrets.blogspot.it

  62. Svetlana - August 18, 2014

    Great look! <br />The dress and the candy-color accessoires work perfect together :)<br /><br />Hugs<br />Svetlana

  63. Natalia | Fashioned by Love - August 18, 2014

    Gorgeous!!! And the scenery behind you is so romantic… x

  64. Margaret Dallospedale - August 18, 2014

    La mia bellissima principessa così favolosa e sofisticata<br />&lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3<br />Un bacione<br />Maggie D.<br /> <a href="http://www.indiansavage.com&quot; rel="nofollow">The Indian Savage diary</a>

  65. Cvetina Cekova - August 18, 2014

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  66. bbrautkleid.com - August 20, 2014

    I love the way your photos tell a story

  67. Tany - August 24, 2014

    You look stunning in this delicate and feminine look, Coco!<br />Yep, departures also give me the blues,… Saying goodbye to someone or to some place that I like was never an easy task for me :)<br />xoxo<br /><a href="http://tanyetlamode.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow"> Tany et La Mode</a><br /><a href="http://www.facebook.com/tanyetlamode&quot; rel="nofollow"> Tany et La Mode on Facebook</a> (New)

  68. Alberto Hugo Rojas - September 8, 2014

    beautiful place and pics

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