Pretty little things in Paris

Pretty little things in Paris

Hello my dears,

as you may have guessed, I’m still thinking about Paris every other second!
After featuring my favourite art pieces, monuments, and high-street fashion, I’d love to share with you dolls a selection of pictures displaying the pretty little things that made my pink heart rise in ecstasy.
I wish you a great weekend lovelies
Kisses Coco








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  1. Mademoiselle Poirot - November 23, 2012

    Lovely pics – looks like you've had a wonderful time and the memories will stay with you for a long time. xo

  2. Chai Chen - November 23, 2012

    Really lovely photos! Had a great time in Paris huh? Cool! :)<br />Hope you visit me again Coco dear! :)<br /><br />~Chai<br /><br /><br /><br />

  3. Lilli - November 23, 2012

    Ti capisco, a me hai fatto venire una gran voglia di andare a Parigi con tutte queste belle foto!:D Bosou cherie!:*

  4. ChatterBlossom - November 23, 2012

    Love it! That poster of &quot;Mangez du Pain&quot; is lovely! And I just did a recent post about miniatures and dollhouses. These ones are so adorable and you got to see them in person too, how fun!<br />-Jamie<br />

  5. Provocative Manners - November 23, 2012

    Ah How I dream of Paris every night! Thanks for posting those amazing pictures!

  6. Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) - November 23, 2012

    this post makes me want to pack my bags right now! hahahaha i love their window displays. sooooo glad you got a shot of that perfume! i love the picture with the various loaf&#39;s of bread. so cute coco! thanks for sharing this and have an amazing weekend.<br />

  7. Miss Laia - November 23, 2012

    Lovely shots, I understand why you can&#39;t stop thinking about Paris after seeing the beautiful pictures, specially love the doll houses.<br />Have a wonderful weekend, love the review about Woody Allen Movie although I couldn&#39;t understand everything Spanish and Italian are quite similar but some words still difficult to understand, the film set in Barcelona is Vicky, Cristina Barcelona but

  8. Carola D. - November 23, 2012

    Parigi resta nel cuore, non cè niente da fare è una delle città più magiche abbia mai visitato!<br />un bacio!<br /><br />giveaway da me! potete vincere un paio di orecchini favolosi!<br />

  9. Sheila - November 24, 2012

    Gorgeous pictures!! :)<br /><br />xo – Sheila<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

  10. Lyosha - November 24, 2012

    lovely shop decour!<br /><br />Lyosha<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Inside and Outside Blog</a>

  11. Diana Marks - November 24, 2012

    Thank you for sharing these lovely details of this beautiful city with us. Have a fabulous weekend! xx<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">LA By Diana Live Magazine</a><br />

  12. Margaret Cruzemark - November 24, 2012

    Gorgeous collection of images!!! Well done!!<br />Best Regards and weekend wishes.<br />Miss Margaret Cruzemark <br /><br />

  13. Immaaurora - November 24, 2012

    Thanks for visiting, I follow you now.<br /><br />I love Paris, will return one day<br /><br />

  14. bonnie_blog - November 24, 2012

    Nice pics, my dear! <br /><br />Have a wonderful weekend!<br /><br />xxx<br /><br />Tatiana<br /><br /><br />

  15. Sabz - November 25, 2012

    hello! thanks for the follow, following back!<br /><br />

  16. Velvet Dreams - November 25, 2012

    Bellissime foto! 🙂 Dobbiamo organizzarci e andare insieme a Parigi. 😀

  17. Bhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! - November 25, 2012

    Hi Coco,<br />Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Ofcourse we can follow each other.<br />Do follow me by GFC, and also by FB, Bloglovin&#39;, Twitter whichever you like and let me know with a comment.<br />I&#39;ll follow you back too! :)<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">FASHION PANACHE BLOG</a>

  18. sonia de macedo - November 25, 2012

    Oooh now you have me dreaming of Paris!<br /><br />Wishing you a fabulous week lovely,<br />SDMxx<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">NEW GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG! Enter NOW</a>

  19. Rebecca Harasym - November 26, 2012

    Oh Paris looks amazing! So jealous! So many fantastic things! Love the cute little charms!<br /><br />Rebecca<br />

  20. joanne hegarty - November 26, 2012

    Thanks for sharing Coco ! These pictures are lovely. I can&#39;t wait to go back to Paris again.<br /><br />Joanne<br /><br /><br /><br />xx

  21. Heather - November 26, 2012

    It&#39;s the perfect time to think about Paris… Paris during Christmas???? I&#39;m sure amazing!<br /><br />XO<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"> Pearls &amp; Paws</a>

  22. Leslie - November 26, 2012

    Hi Coco!<br /><br />It&#39;s wonderful to see Paris through your eyes! Great photos 🙂 We were there last summer and I can&#39;t wait to go back. <br /><br />xx<br />leslie

  23. EVA - November 26, 2012

    beautifull inspirations!<br /><br /><br />

  24. livlovelaugh - November 27, 2012

    I want to go to there! <br /><br />-liv<br />

  25. Sara Strauss - November 27, 2012

    Love all the beautiful decorations! The typewriter in the window is my favorite!<br />~Sara

  26. mercedes and connie - November 29, 2012

    Hi coco!<br />thanks for passing by my blog and ur nice comment!<br />sure we can follow each other! <br />i am already following you!<br />this decoration post is soo nice ;)<br />xx<br />

  27. Lila Moonlight - December 3, 2012

    Thanks for this lovely tour in Paris. I have never seen Paris when there are xmas decorations and this year I really wanted to do it, I had to cancel it for work, hopefully next year. I enjoyed your Paris posts very much for this reason : )

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