How to take care of sensitive skin in Winter – SOS Beauty

How to take care of sensitive skin in Winter – SOS Beauty

How to take care of sensitive skin in Winter, when it is badly put to the test. Leggi l’articolo in Italiano sulla mia pagina autore di Glamour Italia.

How to take care of sensitive skin in Winter

If you have sensitive skin you know that Winter and Summer are the seasons that put it the most to the test.

A few tips from your best beauty blogger friend and the right products will help you maintain its health and beauty. First, you need to know your skin type to treat it appropriately. Sensitive skin is easy to identify because it reddens easily and reacts quickly to mechanical and chemical stimulation. Now let me share with you how I take care of my sensitive skin in winter.

Morning routine for sensitive skin in Winter

In the morning, I rinse my face with lukewarm water and dab it with calendula soothing toner by Kiehl’s NY. Then I apply anti-ox facial serum Sostantia by Icnoderm, made exclusively of pure hyaluronic acid (anti-aging) and vitamin E (antioxidant).Its essential composition makes it gentle and effective. Although anti-ox facial serum Sostantia by Icnoderm leaves the skin silky and hydrated, ready for make-up, to protect my sensitive skin in winter I apply a specific facial lotion. Calming Day Lotion by Bruno Vassari is super moisturizing and soothing. It features precious natural ingredients like seaweed extract and shea butter to soothe and protect, green tea extract and olive leaves to prevent skin aging. The user experience is very pleasant, because Calming Day Lotion by Bruno Vassari has a very light texture and it’s absolutely free of alcohol and perfume. On the eye area I’m using RHA Advanced Eye Contour by Teoxane Cosmeceuticals, which I reviewed in this post. The last but not least step of my morning beauty routine is Valmont sunscreen with SPF 50. While protecting my sensitive skin from UV Rays in winter, this lightweight lotion by Valmont Suisse also makes your skin brighter.

Bedtime routine for sensitive skin in Winter

In the evening, I remove make up with City Zen Defence Lotion by Mediterranea Cosmetica. City Zen Defence Lotion is not a simple micellar water, but a detox lotion to cleanse sensitive skin in winter. While containing perfume and an active ingredient extracted from yeast with detoxifying effect, it doesn’t dry nor irritate the skin, which after a few days of use appears smooth and glowing. The deep purifying ingredient extracted from yeast is in fact balanced by the presence of allantoin – soothing and skin restoring, and arginine – moisturizing and anti-aging. After this deep cleansing, I apply anti-ageing facial serum Sostantia by Icnoderm, consisting solely of hyaluronic acid and water. At this point my dry and sensitive skin is ready to be pampered before the night rest. As you may know I’m addicted to Midnight Recovery Eye Cream by Kiehl’s, while I gently massage the rest of my face with Essential Face Cream by Juveniis, which I reviewed in this post.

How to take care of sensitive skin in Winter

How to take care of sensitive skin in Winter

What’s your skin type? How do you take care of it in Winter? Thank you for being here and following Coco et La vie en rose international fashion and beauty blog.

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  1. Jackie Harrison - January 19, 2016

    Great tips is good to have a regimen and change product by season to have a radiant skin, Thanks this is so helpful.

  2. Diana - January 19, 2016

    Hi dear! I like your blog! You’re beautiful and amazing! I took my new blog. I would be very pleased if you find time to appreciate it! Thank you! Kisses!

  3. inma - January 19, 2016

    tienen muy buena pinta estos productos

  4. Natalia | Fashioned by Love - January 19, 2016

    Thank you for sharing your skincare favourites, Valeria. Always interesting to learn some new names and discover brands. x

  5. ivana split - January 19, 2016

    My skin type used to oily, but now it is more mixed and sometimes it is really sensitive. In Winter my skin sometimes go crazy, so I’m always on a search for a good day or night cream.

  6. tr3ndygirl fashion blog - January 20, 2016

    quanti ottimi prodottini Vale
    buon mercoledì
    <<< tr3ndygirl fashion blog >>>

  7. Meron Dymphana - January 20, 2016

    Hey Coco, how are you? I always love products for sensitive skins because mine is very sensitive. Great post dear.
    Meron Dymphana recently posted…Cultural Stopovers; Outdoor ActivitiesMy Profile

  8. sonia // daring coco - January 20, 2016

    Wonderful read Coco. I have sensitive skin too and find that REN really takes care of my own, but I wouldn’t mind trying that face serum out

    sonia // daring coco recently posted…14 DAY WEIGHT LOSS DETOX WITH REVIVEME TEAMy Profile

  9. KizzyDoll - January 20, 2016

    This is super!! Love products 🙂 Happy day to you my sweet xx
    KizzyDoll recently posted…| The Lush Wishlist |My Profile

  10. Anat Koren - January 20, 2016

    Great review!!! Love your blog!
    Have a lovely day 🙂

  11. Nequéren Reis (@NequerenVitoria) - January 20, 2016
  12. manuelita - January 20, 2016

    Prodotti che non ho mai utilizzato
    bacione tesoro

  13. lalu - January 20, 2016

    Bisognerebbe prendersene cura sempre..però le temperature degli ullimi giorni la stanno mettendo davvero a dura prova.

  14. Marta - January 20, 2016

    Voglio provarli!!!!!!

  15. Eleonora - January 20, 2016

    D’inverno una cura adeguata della propria pelle è fondamentale!
    Gran bell’articolo Vale, bravissima!!

    The Princess Vanilla

  16. Laura - January 20, 2016

    non conoscevo questa linea mia cara, ma è utilissima;)

  17. Chaicy - January 20, 2016

    Great products for sensitive skin in winter.
    xoxo – Style.. A Pastiche!

  18. Style Tomes - January 20, 2016

    Great rundown. My skin is also sensitive and it’s really hard to find a good combo of products sometimes. Even all-natural products make my skin react sometimes.
    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram

  19. Valentina - January 20, 2016

    Grazie per i consigli, io no ho proprio bisogno con la mia pelle delicatissima!

  20. Annamaria - January 20, 2016

    Ciao Valeria! prendersi cura della propria pelle è fondamentale ma soprattutto col freddo invernale è necessario!!!
    Un bacio,

  21. Francesca - January 20, 2016

    Thanks for sharing these useful advices *_*

  22. Shireen L. Platt - January 20, 2016

    I have seen a few bloggers saying that they only rinse their face with water and never cleanser in the mornings. Does this work for all skin types or just sensitive ones?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  23. Melania - January 21, 2016

    Fantastic tips! These products look so well 🙂

    xoxo Valeria ❤
    Melania – Mode in Technicolor

  24. enrica - January 21, 2016

    molto interessanti questi prodotti per la cura della pelle tesoro!

  25. Radi - January 21, 2016

    Love a good skin care routine, especially during the winter. Lovely post!

  26. alessandra - January 21, 2016

    Non conoscevo questo marchio, i prodotti sembrano ottimi, da provare!

  27. Emma (fluff and fripperies) - January 21, 2016

    Great tips! I have never tried any of these products.

    Emma x |

  28. Marina - January 21, 2016

    Quanti bei prodotti Vale!!!! 😀

  29. Jenny S. - April 17, 2017

    Hi Coco,
    I have a very oily type of skin, and it get’s nasty during winter. I use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel to keep my skin hydrated but not oily. I usually switch cleansers too. I haven’t tried any of the products in your article, but I would love to try the Midnight Recovery Eye cream. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Wendy - October 4, 2017


    I want to try Sostantia by Icoderm products as this was new to me. Though these products may seem tempting, had to check first if it suitable to my skin type.

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