SS2013 trends-  Undone updos

SS2013 trends- Undone updos

Hello my lovelies,

today I’d love to inspire you with one of my favourite trends expected for the upcoming season.

Romantic, apparently effortless, carefully messy, playfully retro, naughty-girlie.


Source: via Coco on Pinterest
Source: via Coco on Pinterest
Source: via Coco on Pinterest
Source: via Coco on Pinterest
SS2013 TRENDS / Urban Bohemian with Madison Harding

SS2013 TRENDS / Urban Bohemian with Madison Harding by cocolavieenrose featuring slim fit pants

Trench coat, €145 / Vero Moda slim fit pants, €29 / Madison Harding high heel shoes, €165 / Witchery , €31 / Blusa VANESSA BRUNO / White Roses, Ivory and Light pink Bridesmaids Bouquet, €52

Are you going to embrace this trend? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts dolls!
With love,

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  1. Fash Era - Febbraio 10, 2013

    love the post sweetie great trends i love the hairstyles!!

  2. Margaret Cruzemark - Febbraio 10, 2013

    The first trend is just for me cause i have messy hair all the time!!<br />Best Regards<br />Miss Margaret Cruzemark<br /><br />

  3. Dressed with soul - Febbraio 10, 2013

    Thanks for showing this hair-styles – I´m always looking for new hair-styles for my &quot;interesting&quot; hairs, will try to make it :)<br /><br />xx<br />Rena<br />

  4. betty passia - Febbraio 10, 2013

    So lovely post,so inspiring!love the messy hair!!thanks for your comment dear!<br />

  5. Distinct - Febbraio 10, 2013

    Perfect inpiration post, i love it!<br />Sure, i follow you :)<br />Have a nice day!

  6. Wildheart - Febbraio 10, 2013

    Love this post! I think that all these messy-hairdo are fantastic!<br /><br /><br /><br />XOXO<br />

  7. Eva Tornado - Febbraio 11, 2013

    I so loved this post, all looks that I love in retro and modern style *_*<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">My blog Kisses From Europe</a><br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Kisses From Europe via Bloglovin</a> <br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Follow Kisses

  8. NaNa - Febbraio 11, 2013

    what a gorgeous hair do! very retro and chic &lt;3<br /><br />Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  9. Bianca - Febbraio 11, 2013

    lovely trend, so effortless. xoxo<br /><br />

  10. ♥ vendy ♥ - Febbraio 11, 2013

    bellissimi trend tesoro<br />kiss e buon inizio settimana<br />vendy<br /><br />follow me on:<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">the simple life of rich people blog</a><br />twitter @simpleliferichP<br />instagram @thesimplelifeofrichpeople<br />viddy @hesimplelifeofrichpeople

  11. Chai Chen - Febbraio 11, 2013

    I love the 1960s hairdo! Wow! Cool Boho Chic look too :)<br /><br /><br />★♡ <b>New Post Up!</b> (^_^) ♡★<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Early Spring New Year Contest with AHAIshopping, win $200! </a><br /><i>Create sets in Polyvore for this contest!</i><br /><br />★♡ <b>Ongoing Giveaway</b> (^_^) ♡★<br /><a href="http:

  12. Lilli - Febbraio 11, 2013

    Ciao cara Coco, sono tutte molto belle e che meraviglia il tuo set!! Adoro i colori, mi fan pensare subito alla primavera! Buon lunedì, un bacio!:*

  13. Nati Ko - Febbraio 11, 2013

    Great styles!!<br />PS I&#39;m following your beautiful blog now ;)<br /><br />xoxox<br />Have a great day!!<br />Nati<br />

  14. Kate Coleman - Febbraio 11, 2013

    Gorgeous hair – just wish I could persuade mine to look anything like this (winter is a great excuse to keep my wayward hair covered with a hat!).<br /><br />Kate x<br />

  15. Valentina - Febbraio 11, 2013


  16. samecookiesdifferent - Febbraio 11, 2013

    Amazing styles!!! :)<br />x the cookies<br />&lt;3<br />

  17. fluff and fripperies - Febbraio 11, 2013

    These are such pretty styles Coco – I really like this look for spring too xx

  18. GagCloud - Febbraio 11, 2013

    Interesting post dear ^^

  19. *TDM* - Febbraio 11, 2013

    Hai fatto un&#39;ottima selezione :D<br />buonanotte cara :*<br /><br />

  20. Rebecca - Febbraio 12, 2013

    Amazing looks! Love the 1960&#39;s hair styles! So chic!<br /><br />Rebecca<br />

  21. F.Tale - Febbraio 12, 2013

    Great pictures! Love the last one, boho chic :)<br /><br />

  22. Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) - Febbraio 12, 2013

    i&#39;m really loving the messy buns! i wish mine was long enough to do that. hahaha<br />

  23. Diana Marks - Febbraio 13, 2013

    What a lovely trend! Great inspirational photos!<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">LA By Diana Live Magazine</a><br />

  24. Punctuation Mark - Febbraio 13, 2013

    i embraced it already… ha!

  25. Tallia - Febbraio 13, 2013

    I have always wanted to do the messy hair bun but I am too lazy to even do that!<br /><br /><br />

  26. ♥ vendy ♥ - Febbraio 13, 2013

    buona giornata splendida<br />vendy<br /><br />follow me on:<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">the simple life of rich people blog</a><br />twitter @simpleliferichP<br />instagram @thesimplelifeofrichpeople<br />viddy @thesimplelifeofrichpeople

  27. CherryJPriano - Febbraio 13, 2013

    Tutte belle! 🙂 Passa da me se ti va, potremmo seguirci a vicenda 🙂

  28. CRISTINA SURDU - Febbraio 13, 2013

    bella la seconda foto ;)<br /><br /><br />

  29. Ivana Džidić - Febbraio 14, 2013

    great inspiration!

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