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OOTD – Tartan cape

Happy new week sweet peas!

In Italy it’s been raining cats and dogs for like… ages, but a girl isn’t supposed to go always around wrapped up in unflattering water-proof garments, right?
This foreword is meant to explain why my lovely hat and cape are sprinkled with water drops 🙂


 I take the opportunity to announce that I’ve been accepted as #madeinitaly ambassador for Pashion Victim, a project meant to promote emerging Italian designers and brands. Today I’m showcasing a woolen cape designed and manufactured with love by young Valentina and Veronica, who have recently launched their own company – Linnèo – Archivable Clothing. They choose high quality fabrics and mainly work on custom requests. Every detail is designed with care and finely finished. I hope you can see this from the pictures in spite of the rain! The cloche is made in Italy as well by Ayfee (need to find out more about this brand). Just FYI: this is not a sponsored post.

I wish you a great week, send you tons of love and pink positive vibes!

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  1. Jackie Harrison - January 20, 2014

    You look gorgeous love the cape.Happy Monday doll.<br />http://tifi11.blogspot.com

  2. Ileana - January 20, 2014

    That tartan cape is beautiful! love this outfit ^^<br />xoxo<br /><br /><a href="http://novelstyleblog.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Novelstyle</a>

  3. The Dainty Dolls House - January 20, 2014

    Stunning doll &amp; BNIG congrats to you, that is fantastic news &amp; I know you will do a marvellous job!! Perfect for you. Have a gorgeous Monday Xxx

  4. Lilli - January 20, 2014

    Vale, che bella! Queste foto sono stupende!:) Mi piace molto la cappa tartan ed anche come l&#39;hai abbinata alla cloche, sei super chic!:) Un bacio!:*

  5. Emmylou - January 20, 2014

    Congrats on being an ambassador, Coco:) You&#39;re perfect for the job. And I love this rainy-day outfit. That cape is pretty awesome.

  6. MySecretFashionPoison - January 20, 2014

    Ciao Coco! Che bel look, il poncho mi piace!!!!<br />Baci<br /><br />Viky — <a href="http://mysecretfashionpoison.wordpress.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">MySecretFashionPoison</a>

  7. Beauty Unearthly - January 20, 2014

    You look so classy. Love the coat! <br />Have a lovely day dear!

  8. Fabiola Tinelli - January 20, 2014

    Ma sei troppo chic con questa cappa tartan Vale! Stai benissimo!

  9. www.selodicecoco.it - January 20, 2014

    Stupendo questo look la cappa e cappellino sono sono super!! Baci Elisabetta

  10. Joy Shana - January 20, 2014

    Gorgeous cape<br /><a href="www.shana-style.blogspot.com" rel="nofollow">Shana-Style</a>

  11. María del Mar Puebla - January 20, 2014

    Your shoes are amazing!<br />Great look.<br />Happy day!<br /><br /><a href="http://msprada-blog.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow"> Ms Prada Blog</a><br /><a href="http://instagram.com/msprada_blog&quot; rel="nofollow"> Ms Prada Instagram</a><br />

  12. chiCATes - January 20, 2014

    tartan is a trend indeed and looks great on you!<br />Nice post<br /><br />Stay in touch<br /><br />Chicates

  13. Garazi Ibarrolaza - January 20, 2014

    I love that cape!<br /><br />http://blondieanchors.com/

  14. Laura C. - January 20, 2014

    Che bella anni venti tesoro!buona settimana&lt;3

  15. Chic 'n Cheap Living - January 20, 2014

    You are looking gorgeous Val! I love the pop of color from the tartan cape topped off with that hat!<br /><br />xoxo,<br /><a href="http://www.chicncheapliving.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Chic &#39;n Cheap Living</a><br />

  16. Veronica Vannini - January 20, 2014

    Sei sempre molto chic cara e questa cappa è deliziosa!!!<br />Un bacione!!!<br />Passa a trovarmi <a href="http://veryfp.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">VeryFP</a><br />

  17. Valeria - January 20, 2014

    Un altro outfit super chic. Bellissima questa cappa.<br />Un bacio e buon lunedì.<br /><br />www.myurbanmarket.net

  18. Lizzy - January 20, 2014

    stupenda la cloche! è una chiccheria!

  19. Desirèe D'Aloia - January 20, 2014

    sei bellissima!!! mi sono innamorata sia delle scarpe sia della cappa!!!<br /><br />http://thefashionprincessblog.blogspot.it/

  20. Alicia Mackin - January 20, 2014

    Congratulations! Love the name &quot;Passion Victim&quot; So excited for you. Ah here we will soon be dealing with the Polar Vortex again ugh.<br /><br />Allie of ALLIE NYC<br />allienyc.com

  21. Marieken Hoefnagel - January 20, 2014

    I love capes! I&#39;ve got one, but I never wear it.

  22. Ambi Page - January 20, 2014

    As always you look lovely 🙂 love the cape ! have a nice week doll 🙂 xx<br />www.ambifashion.com

  23. Laura - January 20, 2014

    Looking great dear!<br />http://www.fashionhypnotised.com/

  24. Suvarna Gold - January 20, 2014

    Great Blog! I love the style of it<br /><br />visit my <br /><a href="http://suvarnathegolden.blogspot.de/&quot; rel="nofollow"> Blog</a> | <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Suvarna-Gold-Photography/151946104890563?fref=ts&quot; rel="nofollow"> Facebook</a> | <a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/2411602/suvarna-gold&quot; rel="nofollow"> Bloglovin</a> <br /><br />I&#39;m a digital artist and I also

  25. Beautetude - January 20, 2014

    I love your outfit. Great cape.<br /><a href="http://www.beautetude.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Beauteude</a>

  26. Barbara Bozzoli - January 20, 2014

    che chic!! complimenti davvero!!<br /><br /><a href="http://www.larmadiodivenere.com&quot; rel="nofollow">L&#39;ARMADIO DI VENERE</a><br><br /><a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/LArmadio-di-Venere/194517023983064&quot; rel="nofollow">L&#39;ARMADIO DI VENERE FACEBOOK PAGE</a>

  27. Roberta Mirata - January 20, 2014

    splendida…la cappa è favolosa…un bacione tesoro<br /><a href="http://rbm-in-metamorphose.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">METAMORPHOSE CONCEPT</a>

  28. Natalia | Fashioned by Love - January 20, 2014

    Congratulations on your new collaboration! You look fantastic! x

  29. Kim Alston - January 20, 2014

    Congratulations Val! That is so awesome! Very proud of you. I LOVE that tartan cape and hat on you. You are looking so sharp :D.<br />http://www.averysweetblog.com/

  30. Lia Crystal - January 20, 2014

    Cute and lovely look. I really like your poncho and hat. :)<br />fashionhappenss.blogspot.sk

  31. Jessica - January 20, 2014

    Wow you look amazing. I love that cape.<br /><br />Tracy @ <a href="http://www.sunnydaystarrynight.com&quot; rel="nofollow">Sunny Days and Starry Nights</a>

  32. FASHION TALES - January 20, 2014

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  33. Irena D world - January 20, 2014

    Thanks for a lovely comment on my blog Coco <br />I&#39;m your new follower !! <br />x

  34. FASHION TALES - January 20, 2014

    I&#39;m such a fan of capes! This one is beautiful, and in such a classic pattern. Have a lovely week dear. xx/Madison

  35. Francesca Romana Capizzi - January 20, 2014

    Sei sempre super raffinata!! Bellissima quella mantella e adoro la cloche, me ne vorrei prendere una così, chissà come mi starebbe??<br /><a href="http://www.dontcallmefashionblogger.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">Don&#39;t Call Me Fashion Blogger</a><br /><a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dont-Call-Me-Fashion-Blogger/209835832384201&quot; rel="nofollow">Facebook</a><br /><a href="http://www.bloglovin.com

  36. Sandra Leiva - January 20, 2014

    Beautiful cape!<br /><br />xx<br /><br />http://www.madridforniagirl.com/

  37. crafty-zone - January 20, 2014

    You look so classy in this cape &lt;3<br /><br />http://crafty-zone.blogspot.com/

  38. Claudia - January 20, 2014

    Ma che bella questa cappa!!Stai benissimo cara!!<br />Un bacione

  39. Deborah - January 20, 2014

    Love that you&#39;re not letting the weather stop you from looking fabulous! Gorgeous cape!<br />And also, congratulations on become the madeinitaly ambassador! That&#39;s so exciting!!<br /><br />xo Deborah<br /><a href="http://coffeeproseprettyclothes.blogspot.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes</a>

  40. Lauren S - January 20, 2014

    love the coat it&#39;s such a great colour on you !<br />Thanks for the comment and follows, following you back now ! :)<br />Lauren x<br /><a href="http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk/&quot; rel="nofollow">Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk</a&gt;

  41. Sandra - January 20, 2014

    Oh I adore this outfit, you look wonderful! aren&#39;t capes just lovely and this has a fur collar! win-win! and I love the cloche too and you are always wearing the most beautiful shoes x x x

  42. Ivana Split - January 20, 2014

    molto chic!!! che bella quella mantella! <br />sei stupenda!<br />un bacio

  43. OllyUp - January 20, 2014

    bellissima la mantellina….un bacio vale…qndo ci incontriamo???

  44. Manhattan Image and Style - January 20, 2014

    OMG, what a beautiful cape!! You look stunning! :)<br /><br />Diana<br />www.ManhattanImageandStyle.com<br />New Blog Post: How To Make Someone&#39;s Day

  45. Isa Machado - January 20, 2014

    You look amazing dear! ;)<br /><br /><a href="http://tictacliving.blogspot.pt/&quot; rel="nofollow">Tic-Tac Living</a>

  46. Dressed with soul - January 20, 2014

    Hello my dear friend, so sorry that the weather is so bad at the moment in Italy – at least you are a really bright spot with your cool cape and the adorable hat! And how wonderful that you show your perfect legs &lt;3 Here in Bavaria the weather was mostly fine during the weekend – only today it was not totally pleasant.<br /><br />I wish you a much better week than the weather was on the

  47. Svetlana - January 20, 2014

    Really nice :)<br />I like the tartan cape :)<br /><br />Hugs<br />Svetlana from <a href="http://lavenderstarbys.blogspot.co.at/&quot; rel="nofollow">Lavender Star</a>

  48. Leah Symonne - January 20, 2014

    Gorgeous outfit! I love the hat! So happy I came across your blog! <br /><br />x leah symonne x<br /><br />itsleli.blogspot.com

  49. Benedetta Catalano - January 20, 2014

    This look is amazing!!!<br /><a href="http://www.behappywithfashionblog.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">Be Happy With Fashion </a><br /><a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Be-Happy-With-Fashion/310136165706661?ref=hl&quot; rel="nofollow">Be Happy With Fashion Facebook Page</a>

  50. Dania Carbonini - January 20, 2014

    Purtroppo non sono una grande fan del tartan anche se devo dire che questa cappa è molto bella, very british style…mi piace!<br />Un bacio grande<br /><br />NEW OUTFIT<br /><br />www.angelswearheels.com

  51. Con estilo al cubo - January 20, 2014

    You look so girly, love that outfit. The cape is amazing and the hat… Love it!<br /><br />xx

  52. Nico lowbudget-lowcost - January 20, 2014

    Che bella la cappa!<br /><br />New post on <a href="http://lowbudget-lowcost.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog</a>

  53. Arien Ruiz - January 20, 2014

    Hi dear!<br />You look great, super elegant!<br />Love the cape<br />xoxo

  54. alessia sica - January 20, 2014

    Bellissima con questa cappa!!<br /><br />Baci<br />Alessia<br /><a href="http://www.thenewartfashion.com&quot; rel="nofollow">The New Art of Fashion</a><br />

  55. Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO - January 21, 2014

    Beautiful outfit Coco!! I&#39;m really loving the tartan trend right now, even better on a cape. :)<br /><br /><b>Take care always, love Christine ~ xo</b><br /><a href="http://www.blogger.com/profile/16877921994076492369&quot; rel="nofollow">Chriissydollxo Blog</a> | <a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/3891912&quot; rel="nofollow">BlogLovin&#39;</a>

  56. ChristelPaola - January 21, 2014

    Lovely look!<br /><br /><a href="http://christelpaola.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">christelpaola.blogspot.com</a>

  57. Pilar Bernal Maya - January 21, 2014
  58. Annie L - January 21, 2014

    I adore the cape! looking fab.<br />xo Annie<br /><a href="http://newenglandromance.blogspot.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">New England Romance</a>

  59. mademoisellemode - January 21, 2014

    Your cape is beautiful ^^<br /><br />Kisses<br />http://www.mademoisellemode.com/

  60. Anonymous - January 21, 2014

    Always perfect!!

  61. Mari - January 21, 2014

    ma che splendore questa cappa! stai benissimo cara<br /><br />Look of the day http://emiliasalentoeffettomoda.altervista.org/borchie-e-boots/<br />grazie<br />Mari

  62. Cristina - The froggie touch - January 21, 2014

    here in Madrid we&#39;re having also bad weather. YOur look is so nice and that cape is wonderfull.<br /><br />Hugs

  63. Maria Laura Argyropoulos - January 21, 2014

    Mi pose tantissimo questo cappottino tartan, stai benissimo!<br />Un bacione stella!<br /><br /><a href="http://fashioncurly.com/&quot; rel="nofollow">The Fashion Curly</a><br />

  64. Serena Reale - January 21, 2014

    tesoro sei bellissima con questo look!! una vera bomba :)<br />http://mywonderrfulworld.blogspot.it/2014/01/nuna-lie.html

  65. Sacramento Amate - January 21, 2014


  66. Marina Ghirga - January 21, 2014

    Ma come sei bella!!!! Ti dona tantissimo questo cappottino tartan e anche il cappello! Un bacio,<br />Marina<br />http://www.maridress.blogspot.it/<br />https://www.facebook.com/maridressfashionblog<br />http://www.bloglovin.com/maridress<br />https://twitter.com/maridressblog<br />

  67. JANICE G - January 21, 2014

    the cape is so chic!<br /><br /><a href="http://the-stylefringe.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">the STYLE Fringe BLOG</a><br /><a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/3419551/the-style-fringe&quot; rel="nofollow">the STYLE Fringe BLOGLOVIN</a><br />http://the-stylefringe.blogspot.com

  68. Selina Kyle - January 21, 2014

    Awesome outfit, girl!!!<br /><br /><a href="www.longdistancecollegelove.blogspot.com" rel="nofollow"> Relationships.College.Love </a>

  69. Curls e Carrots - January 21, 2014

    Il Tartan ti sta benissimo!<br />Adoro!<br />www.curlsandcarrots.com

  70. Juliet - January 21, 2014

    Thank yuo for your comment ;)<br />So nice outfit and blog :)<br /><br />http://mademoisellejuliet.blogspot.com/

  71. Sam - January 21, 2014

    This cape made my day so much better, I absolutely love it!! It looks smashing on you Val!

  72. Mary - January 21, 2014

    look delizioso!!!!!<br />http://befashion31.blogspot.it/

  73. Catarina S. - January 21, 2014

    You look so cute :)<br />Kisses*<br /><a href="http://trezemundos.blogspot.pt/&quot; rel="nofollow">Treze Mundos</a><br /><a href="http://pantheraleophotography.blogspot.pt/&quot; rel="nofollow">My Photography</a>

  74. LuaBleu - January 22, 2014

    How did I miss this post….LOVE your cape!

  75. Debra - January 22, 2014

    You are a vision my friend! And I am so excited about your new ambassadorship. Is that a word?! Totally Loving the cape. And you can see the details. Gorgeous! I am eager to learn more about this brand. Perhaps an interview? Hint hint! Have a lovely week doll. We &#39;re in the midst of a snow storm. Xoxo<br /><br />[email protected]

  76. Bianca Lanyi - January 22, 2014

    you look fab darling, I love your look! xoxo<br /><br />stylemeetsbeauty.blogspot.ro

  77. Sabrina - January 22, 2014

    Fab as usual! Awesome cape &lt;3

  78. Zoya - January 22, 2014

    beautiful cape!:*)

  79. Alessandra Heidelberg - January 22, 2014

    Bellissima questa cappa! Stai benissimo tesoro!<br />Alessandra<br />www.alessandrastyle.com

  80. Anonymous - January 22, 2014

    Beautiful look. I like it very much. I especially like your cap and elegant leather gloves. Wow<br />Julian

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